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9 Things You Can Do To Your WordPress Website During Quarantine

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If you’d have told us at WPZOOM about the current situation we find ourselves in six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed you.

It’s all we can see if we turn on the TV and it’s clear right now, humanity has taken a break.

Worrying about loved ones, ensuring we stay safe, and for heaven’s sake, stay inside.

Staying inside saves lives; we can all agree on that.

For us, at WPZOOM, we’re used to working remotely, and of course, we will do our utmost to continue to support our customers in these difficult and challenging times.

What can you do while you’re inside on quarantine?

Well, for many, that side-gig has become a reality, spurring people on to learn new things.

For businesses to change the way they operate and make the shift online. Be it offering advice, articles, or setting up an online store.

Over the years on our blog, we have published articles on different topics, from how to help you start a blog or a site, but also how to take care of an existing one and optimize it in the best way possible.

So with that in mind, let’s recap what content is on offer to you the reader, and help you make the most of your time in quarantine.

We’re not going to name the virus, let’s call it Voldemort, we think that’s more appropriate—he who should not be named.

Building websites with WordPress

Here we have a selection of articles to aid you in your quest with WordPress, from building a site from scratch and more. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

How to build a Food Blog with WordPress

Image shows a header graphic of how to start a food blog from scratch

While this tutorial relates to how to start a food blog from scratch, we’d be lying if we didn’t say some of it could apply to any website.

It’s here you’ll find useful information on WordPress itself, how to choose a domain name, hosting provider, and of course, a WordPress theme.

Along with useful plugins to check out, a guide on branding, and much more, feel free to check out our guide on building a food blog with WordPress here.

Read this guide here >

How to build a Restaurant website with WordPress

Image shows a graphic with the words make a restaurant website with a WordPress theme

Now more than ever, due to Voldemort, the food industry is suffering hugely.

What better time (if you’re in the food industry) to revise your restaurant’s website, or indeed start a new one.

People have to eat, and once the dust settles, our guide will help you get set up, looking sharp and ready for orders.

If you’re looking to reinvent your restaurant or food business, offering an online ordering system with WordPress/WooCommerce could be just the ticket.

Take a look through our article and find out how your business could benefit; all we have is the time at the moment. Spend it wisely and learn with our tutorial.

Read this guide here >

How to create a WordPress blog

Graphic shows an image with the words How to create a WordPress blog step by step & videos

Are you not looking to set up a food blog? We read you loud and clear. Take a look through our guide on how to create a WordPress blog.

Here you can find everything you need to get going and setting up your very own self hosted WordPress blog. This guide covers everything from how to choose a domain name and how to host your newly created blog.

Plus, how to install WordPress, how to choose your WordPress theme, adding content, and much more. There’s also video content, so if you learn visually, our video guides are for you.

Read this guide here >

How to speed up your WordPress website

Image displays a graphic with the words increase the PageSpeed score of your WordPress website in 3 easy steps

Nobody likes a slow website, and we’re pretty sure you don’t either, your visitors hate them as well.

Did we mention Google will thank you for a faster loading website? Well, they won’t thank you personally, but following our guide will help boost your rankings.

Here we cover caching, lazy loading of images, and other steps you can take to ensure your website loads fast.

With tips on plugins and small steps, you can make to optimize your page speed for search engines.

Read this guide here >

SEO For WordPress

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your content for search engines, such as Google, Bing, and others.

It’s all well and good, creating great content, but pretty much a waste of your time if you haven’t covered the basics of SEO for your WordPress content.

The SEO Primer by WPZOOM

Image shows bars in various colors, emulating a search engine results page for a post on SEO

We have two articles for you; the first is a primer, and although a little of an older post, it’s still just as valid as it was back then.

Here you can find some recommended plugins, tips on speed optimization of your website, and an explainer for SEO.

Read the guide here >

Ten top tips to help you with SEO in WordPress

Image shows a graphic of a laptop with the words 10 tips to help you SEO a WordPress post

This article is meatier and covers a wealth of steps (well ten actually) that will help you stand out in the sea of search engines.

Here we cover keyword phrases, keywords in the title, and other steps to improve search engine visibility of your content.

We also cover the importance of internal links and how to do it, external links, social media, and SEO plugins for WordPress.

All in ten bite-size easy to understand chunks So what are you waiting for take a look at our SEO guide and learn a thing or two.

Read this guide here >

Switching to Gutenberg

Gutenberg has made substantial progress in the last couple of years. More and more are making the switch and adopting it.

Tt’s going to end up being the defacto editor of choice at some stage.

We’re embracing Gutenberg at WPZOOM, and we have a couple of tutorials no how to use our plugins with GB.

The Social Icons Block

Image shows the Social Icons Block in action along with the words Social Icons Widget 4.0

The Social Icons Widget, our free plugin has been downloaded over 100,000 times, and with a 5-star rating, it’s hugely popular.

That said, we wanted to integrate social icons into the block editor, guess what?

We did, here you can follow our guide on how to add a social icons block to Gutenberg.

Read the guide here >

Rich snippet results for tasty recipes with Recipe Card Blocks Pro

Image shows rich results of food recipes from Recipe Cards Block Pro

Another one of our plugins perfect for food bloggers everywhere has it’s own Gutenberg blog. Namely, the Recipe Card Blocks Pro.

It’s now even easier to add Structured Schema data to a recipe, and you can view our guide on how to do just that, with details on what Structured Schema data means for your recipes and how you can stand out in the search engines.

Read the guide here >

Setup automatic updates in your WPZOOM theme

Image shows a screenshot of how to enable automatic theme updates for WPZoom WordPress themes

Here we go through how you can set up automatic theme updates for our themes, giving you peace of mind.

Ensuring the WordPress theme you purchased from us is fresh and as up to date as it possibly can be.

Stay safe; stay inside.

So if you have the time, let’s face it Voldemort is giving us just that, then you could take a look through our blog posts, read up on our tutorials and get the most out of WordPress and our products.

Make use of the time you have in isolation, delve into a new venture, update your existing website, read our tips/guides.

Or just look at funny cat pictures. Up to you. 

Stay safe; stay inside, be well.

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