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WordPress 3.5 at the Horizon

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One of the great things about WordPress is it’s always under development; it’s always getting better, faster, with more features. Currently slated for a December release, WordPress version 3.5 is the next major version coming down the pipe. Today, let’s look at some of the great new improvements we can expect in WordPress 3.5

New Twenty Twelve Theme

New Twenty Twelve Theme Screenshot

The New Twenty Twelve Theme

One of the biggest changes is the new Twenty Twelve theme. After some delays in getting Twenty Twelve out the door for previous versions of WordPress, the great new theme has finally been added as the new default theme in WordPress 3.5. With its clean, simple, and responsive design and the latest best practices in theme development utilized throughout, it will serve as a great starting point for any new WordPress-powered sites in the future.

Admin Welcome Screen Changed

Changed Admin Welcome Screen Screenshot

Changed Admin Welcome Screen

WordPress’s admin area has a few changes to speak of. The first one a new user might notice is the changed welcome screen that appears the first time you access the admin dashboard. The welcome screen has been around since before WordPress 3.5, but in this version the contents of the welcome screen has been improved to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Links/Blogroll Section Removed

Removed Links Section Screenshot

The Links Section Has Been Removed

Another major change you might notice is the removal of the “Links” item from the main admin menu. Starting in WordPress 3.5 the Links menu will be hidden by default for all new installs. This is likely the beginning of a move to completely remove the links/blogroll functionality from the core of WordPress. It’s part of a bigger initiative to trim down and optimize WordPress and remove things that may only be useful to a smaller portion of the community. But, if you are one of those people who still use the Links functionality, fear not! A new plugin has been made available that will allow you to continue using the Links function as it was before. It can be found here.

Media Uploader UI Improvements

New Media Uploader UI Screenshot

The New Media Uploader UI

The interface for uploading and inserting media to posts has had a major overhaul once again. With a simplified look and intuitive controls including drag & drop, this update aims to make it super easy to get your media added into your posts quickly.

Improved Static Front Page UI

New Static Front Page UI Screenshot

New Static Front Page UI

The interface for setting a static page to be displayed on the front page of your site has been improved. The interface is now more interactive and the options are a bit more clear. A couple sub-options have also been added to allow for better configuration.

Favorite Plugins

Favorite Plugins Screenshot

The New Favorite Plugins List

You can now easily install plugins that you’ve marked as Favorite from your account on inside your WordPress setup. Simply click on “Favorites” on the Install Plugins page in your WordPress admin, type in the username you use on, and then click on “Get Favorites“. You will then see a list of all the plugins you’ve favorited and can then proceed to install them as desired. Very easy and very useful.

Extra Developer Goodies

If you’re a developer of WordPress plugins, themes, etc. you’ll be happy to know that there are also many updates to some under-the-hood functions of WordPress. Here is a list of just some of the changes you’ll find in WordPress 3.5, as listed on the official blog:

  • External libraries updated: TinyMCE 3.5.6. SimplePie 1.3. jQuery 1.8.2. jQuery UI 1.9 (and it’s not even released yet). We’ve also added Backbone 0.9.2 and Underscore 1.3.3, and you can use protocol-relative links when enqueueing scripts and styles. (#16560)
  • WP Query: You can now ask to receive posts in the order specified by post__in. (#13729)
  • XML-RPC: New user management, profile editing, and post revision methods. We’ve also removed AtomPub. (#18428, #21397, #21866)
  • Multisite: switch_to_blog() is now used in more places, is faster, and more reliable. Also: You can now use multisite in a subdirectory, and uploaded files no longer go through ms-files (for new installs). (#21434, #19796, #19235)
  • TinyMCE: We’ve added API support for “views” which you can use to offer previews and interaction of elements from the visual editor. (#21812)
  • Posts API: Major performance improvements when working with hierarchies of pages and post ancestors. Also, you can now “turn on” native custom columns for taxonomies on edit post screens. (#11399, #21309, #21240)
  • Comments API: Search for comments of a particular status, or with a meta query (same as with WP_Query). (#21101, #21003)
  • oEmbed: We’ve added support for a few oEmbed providers, and we now handle SSL links. (#15734, #21635, #16996, #20102)

Check out this link for more details:

But wait, there’s more!

Of course this is just a quick overview of all the new stuff to be found in WordPress 3.5. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see it all. Remember, you can always download the latest version of WordPress here. But, as of this writing, WordPress 3.5 has not yet been released. But if you’re feeling adventurous you can try out the beta, by using this plugin, to see all the great new stuff in WordPress 3.5 before it is officially released.

With all those great new additions, version 3.5 is set to be another great update to WordPress. We at WPZOOM are excited for its release and hope you are too. And as always, we will continue to support our customers by improving our themes and ensuring their compatibility with new versions of WordPress going into the future.

So, what are you most excited about in the forthcoming WordPress 3.5 release?

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  • WordPress 3.5 will be a very huge change :) Can’t wait for the official release day, but it seems to be very looooong until we can touch the full version of WP 3.5

  • Really great features, especially the one to display recent posts on a separate page. Eagerly waiting for WordPress 3.5.

  • New media uploader ui!

  • These were some of the great updates!

  • Love the new media stuff that’s coming.
    The Favourite feature is a cool addition – given these have usually been tried already, I wonder whether there’s the ability to also bulk install instead a one-at-a-time installation?

    • Well, I don’t believe there is anything like that for the new Favorite Plugins section just yet. But, it seems like an obviously useful feature. Perhaps it’s worth being suggested here?

    • I don’t think I can get bulk installs for faves into this version, simply because if the large scale change required. It is something I want though, so maybe in 3.6.

  • Of course I love the updates but I wish that there would be more time in between releases to have the chance to learn all there is …

  • The new media uploader!!! But the removal of the links is in my opinion a step in the right direction. I hope the dashboard is also cleander by default…

  • Great article and update. Look forward to the new updates!

  • I’m waiting for WordPress 3.5.

  • It’s time for the new version of wordpress.

  • Cool! Please stay updated.