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Videozoom 2.0 released!

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in News 26 comments

Today we are glad to announce the new version of Videozoom theme – 2.0. Since we released this theme, our customers haven’t ceased providing us with feedback about how great this theme is, and what other new features they would like to see in future versions.

Videozoom Theme
Videozoom 2.0

Demo Theme Page

So finally we released a new version which includes all requested features by our customers. We’ll try to describe them below:

JW Player Integration

JW Player is a popular video player, which allows you to play self-hosted videos very easily.

With JW Player integration, which is one of most important feature of this update, you’ll be able to play your own videos using this player, without the need to upload them to a video-sharing website. You can also choose different skins for individual videos, attached to a post:

JW Player skins

This addition to our theme was possible due to a partnership between WPZOOM and LongTail Video, which allowed us to integrate their commercial player in our theme. This means that everyone who purchases our Videozoom theme, will automatically benefit from a commercial license of JW Player Pro.

You can view the player live in action in this post.

New Color Schemes!

Three new color schemes were added in the new version: Light, Blue and Pink. These can be easily activated from Theme Options. If you have a modified version of Videozoom Theme with another color scheme, don’t forget to show it to us, and maybe we’ll add it to the theme in future updates.

New Color Schemes: Light, Blue and Pink


Another important addition to the theme is Shortcode Manager, which represents a collection of useful shortcodes, that can be easily added to your posts or pages directly from the visual editor.


You can see all shortcodes live in action on this page.

Video Widget

A nicely styled Video Widget was also added to the new version of the theme, and it allows to easily embed as many videos as you want in the Sidebar or in the Footer widget area.

Full-width template for Homepage (no Sidebar)

The Sidebar can be easily turned off from Theme Options

Beside above mentioned features, we fixed known bugs in the theme, added other minor features and improvements.

If you want to update your theme to version 2.0, navigate to Member Dashboard to download the theme, and then consult the changelog file to see what’s new & modified.

If you haven’t made any modifications to your theme files, then you can overwrite your old version with the new one. If you have made modifications (customizations) to your theme, then you’ll need to follow this tutorial for more instructions.

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  • Really nice theme, instantly draws you into the the video content. It’s nice to see more really targeted themes.

  • We’re looking at this theme and yamidoo pro. We have pre-sales questions.

    1. Yamidoo pro – is there a way to stop the auto-rotation in the featured section once I hit play video? My natural inclination is to move the cursor off the video so I can watch the video without the cursor on top of it. When I do – the auto-rotator starts again and is showing me new things – my video disappears, but the sound is still playing in the background…

    2. Videozoom 2.0 – does the featured section at the top auto-rotate or is just static? Any way to make it go auto?

    Thanks and cheers,


    • 1. Yes, you can stop auto-rotation of the slider.
      2. Slider from Videozoom theme has an auto-rotate option, which can be turned on/off from Theme Options.

    • Hi, I’m a french motion designer.
      I have brought your program last week and I have a similar problem as “Vern”
      The auto-rotation in the featured section move correctly but when i play a video, it auto rotate after 8 second when the cursor is out of the player aera, the selected video disappears to show the next one.
      I choose this theme because the auto rotator is a funny way for me to show my work and I don’t want to turn off this option.
      Is it a bug?

  • Since we upgraded WordPress our homepage video slider has stopped working?

  • Dear VIDEOZOOM team
    I have bought your program recently but there is a problem as there doesn’t exist Slideshow in Homepage.And that’s why it’s impossible to put Video files.I would like to get your help.

  • pre-sales questions:

    At homepage i see the slider and down below the recent videos sections.

    What if i have posts with no videos featuring but with an image, will they still appear in slider and recent videos (which i guess can be renamed) ?

    In other words, do slider and recent video mechanisms support posts with featured image and no video?

  • I really love the look of this theme. Before I buy, can I ask:
    1. Is it possible to change the number of recent videos displayed on the homepage. For example, in the demo, you display 9 under the title “recent videos”. Would it be possible to display, say 12 or 15?
    2. Is it possible to add a box at the end of posts to display some info about the author? If not, how difficult would this be to do?
    Once again, great work on a brilliant theme! This is a standout as far as I am concerned and far better than all the other premium themes I have looked at.

    • 1. Yes, you can display as many posts you want, 12, 15 and so on.
      2. It’s possible, and it’s not very hard, because there are many plugins for WordPress, which will allow you to add such a feature in the theme.

  • Please can I play audio files on Videozoom using the JWPlayer? Can I also play video and audio clips streaming from amazon s3 / amazon cloudfront? The audio playing ability is very important to me. Thanks and waiting for your reply.

    • Yes, you can play audio files in Videozoom theme using JWPlayer. It can easily play .mp3 music files.

      Yes, you’ll be able to play and video or audio files from Amazon S3.

  • Also can I use this theme with a WP membership plugin? which would you recommend?

  • Hi Pavel, thank you so much for your quick responses. I have a final set of questions.
    1. With regard to membership plugins, will Magic Members work with Videozoom?
    2. Will Videozoom work with hotlinking prevention plugins like S3Flowshield?
    3. Will Videozoom work with WPTouch Pro? If yes, how will the thumbnails display in wptouch pro format? I need this answer because I really want people to have a good experience on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    • 1. Not sure, because it’s a commercial plugin, and we haven’t bought it to test. But I haven’t seen anyone from our customers to have problems with this plugin.
      2. Yes, it will work.
      3. Yes, it works fine with free version of WP Touch plugins, so the Pro version should work too, however I’m not sure if thumbnails will be displayed. You can visit from your iPhone/iPad this website, on which is installed Videozoom theme with WP Touch plugin activated:

  • Thank you for the great responses. I’ll definitely get the Videozoom theme today.

  • Hello Pavel,

    I did buy the theme. Please how do I change the link color? My firm’s theme is more purple than green and so I’d like to change the link color to purple. Is there an easy way of doing this?

    Please Pavel, I need the answer as soon as possible cos I am right in the middle of using it on a project.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  • we are very interested in this theme! Before we buying, here are some questions questions.
    1. the feature-post column, if it’s possible we removed the info column(right hand column), instead of put just one image for a link (like a ad).
    2. Can I move the side-bar column higher, saying same height of feature column?
    3. Can we have different side-bar for each menu?

    Thank you very much.


  • Please I installed wp-pagenavi and still the page navigation doesn’t appear. What do I do to enable page navigation after installing wp-pagenavi?

  • First of all I would like to say that I really love this powerfull theme.

    One feature I would like to suggest for future development is the possibility to set “Autoplay Slider” on endless / repeate. It would be nice if the rotation would not come to an end at the last post and just stay there. “Random Autoplay Slider” would also be a very nice feature…

    Should this be just a small change of code it would be great if some clever user or developper could post it here…

    Thx a lot!

  • Does it support android phones?