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Our Support Just Got Better!

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For the last 5 years we tried our best to provide the greatest support experience to our customers. During this time the Support Forum was the core of the entire support system, and since we know that it wasn’t the perfect solution, we improved things with time, especially when we released a new Support Center with numerous tutorials and articles.

Today we’re happy to announce another big change in our Support System: we’re switching to a ticket-based support system. If you are not sure how this works or how it will affect you as our customer, here are some advantages:

Why a Ticket System is better than Support Forum

1. Easier to use and quicker to receive an answer. From our experience, for some of our customers it was hard to figure out how to receive support on our forum, even if we have adapted it very well to serve as a support channel. Now, with a ticket system, it will be much easier for them to open the Tickets page and submit one quickly. Since our ticket system integrates with email, they will quickly receive answers directly in their inbox and be able to respond from there too in case it’s needed.

2. The biggest drawback of the forum that we’ve used until now to provide support, was that it didn’t scale too well when having a lot of products to provide support for. Instead of allowing our support experts to focus on their job, they were losing a lot of time by scanning 50+ support sections of each theme for new messages.

3. While we always try to provide the best experience to our customers, from this change will also benefit a lot our support team. Having a ticket-based system will allow them to communicate much easier and directly with every customer, without being distracted by different requests in the same ticket from other customers, as it happened many times on the forum.

4. Measure and improve. Our ticket system is based on Help Scout, and having such a great platform behind it means that we will have some insights of how great we do our job and what could be improved, and we are more than motivated to improve every single detail.

What will happen with the Forum?

In case you’re wondering what will happen with our Forum, here are a few details:

1. We’ll continue to help in existing requests from the forum, but we will not accept new requests, and most probably posting new requests will be disabled soon.

2. We encourage existing users who used to get help on the forum, to try out the new ticket system for their new requests.

3. We know that many of you liked the idea of a forum with numerous existing posts in it, but while there where many useful solutions to common problems, a lot of them may not be very helpful. Especially if they were provided for an older version of a theme, so we want to save you from applying solutions that may not be relevant to your theme version.

Now that we’ve explained why this was a needed change, we’re waiting for your support requests in our new Support Center page.

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