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Summer is over. What’s next for WPZOOM?

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in News 16 comments

It’s been some time since we’ve shared our ideas and plans with you. As you may guess this has happened because of the many promises we made to our customers, and being a small team this has needed every one of us focussing 100% of our time on offering the best customer support and developing new themes each month. As the number of people using WPZOOM’s themes constantly increases, we recently added new awesome people to our team.

Team Grows

During this summer we’ve hired two new experts, who’ve joined our support team: Kate Mag and Alex Denning. Having more than half of our team focused on customer service allowed us to reduce visibly our response time on new tickets.

If you’ve been in the WordPress community for long time, you may also be aware that Alex is running a blog about WordPress called WPShout, so we’ve already taken advantage of his experience on updating our support sections with new tutorials. But this is only the beginning, and we plan a major rebuild of our support sections, updating it with a knowledge base with numerous tutorials.

Theme Retirements

Since 2009, the year in which we released our very first WordPress themes, many things in web development have changed. One of the most notable changes was the beginning of widespread use of HTML5 in combination with CSS3, which has brought with it an enormous amount of new selectors, properties, values and numerous layout and text possibilities. Another approach to web design is the need for websites to be functional and good looking on mobile devices. This has started the era of “responsive design”, an era in which users no longer use only their desktop computers to browse the web. Users now use mobile phones and tablet devices such as iPad to access the web, so the sites should be ready for visitors from such devices.

Over the course of the last few months we’ve worked hard to update some of our older themes to fulfil new standards. However, there are still a few themes in our collection that we think don’t meet the minimum standards for features that exist in most of our recently released themes, or for which there are already better alternative themes in our collection.

In order to maintain a premium quality through all of our themes, we’ve decided to retire a few older themes from our collection.
The list of these themes will be announced soon on our blog. Until then, we’d like to hear your opinion with regards to this, and your suggestions regarding the themes that you think should be retired.

New Themes

To fill the empty spaces that will be left by retired themes, we’ve been working recently on a number of designs that should be soon converted into real themes and released one by one over the course of the rest of the year.

So, here are a few sneak peaks of upcoming themes:

Magazine, Pinterest-like Theme

Blog Theme

Fullscreen Photography Theme

Video Theme

Listening to your Ideas –

Once we’ve shared our plans for the future, we would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on what YOU would like to see us working on next.

Your feedback is very important for us, and to keep track of your ideas, we’ve set up a special site where you can submit new ideas and vote for existing ones. You can also interact with other WPZOOM users, and the best ideas will be implemented over time.

We invite you to submit your ideas at this address:

We’re open to all new ideas :) For more updates, please follow us on Twitter.

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  • Hope that some of the themes I use do not retire. Fingers crossed!

  • Adding feedback system is great customer caring practice. Really impressed with this feature.

    Hope you come out with some of the great ideas.

  • These themes look like great ideas. Just make sure you put in space for the right ad size units.

  • hmmmm…. and what will happen to retired themes? let me say this: i know as time goes time this has got to be like this, but i’m not amused thinking of that maybe my theme, that i’m actually using, is getting retired. i made a lot of customization, yes, but i don’t want to create a theme from scratch. have to go and pray with ozzy now ;)

  • All the best for your upcoming themes and like the decisions you have taken, customers will be really satisfied with your service.

  • Hope Its come out with the great features and look which like every one…

  • I have “OnPlay”. I hope this is not going to be retired. And please, please, make it responsive!

  • We look forward to see your new themes guys! We love your work!

    E.g. we miss also the posts you did back in 2009 before turning into a theme studio :)

  • Hello, i am thinking to buy Domestica theme. Do you have plans to make the theme responsive or to offer real estate theme with responsive capability?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,

      Right now we don’t have any plans to make it responsive, but probably in the future we’ll release another real estate theme which will be responsive.

  • Spots for 300×250 and 970×90 ads please.

  • I look forward to see your new themes

  • If I have just bought a theme you are going to retire, what’s going to happen with my licence? I think most customers with retired themes would appreciate if you allow them to witch their licence with no additional cost to a new theme.

    • *switch

    • Hello Luca,

      This is something that we had in mind, and will try to make it as easy as possible for existing customers of these themes.

      There will be a post in the following days with the first retired themes, everything will be explained in it.