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More options for adding social icons to your site with Social Icons Widget 3.0

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Our Social Icons Widget plugin is incredibly popular, recently passing 100,000+ downloads. The plugin is loved by users for its ease of use, extensive options and simplicity.

Today we’re very excited to announce we’ve been working on some awesome “most wanted” new features, which will bring a ton of extra social goodness to the social icons plugin.

This is the 3.0 release, and reflects our commitment to continued development across both our WordPress themes and our free plugins.

New in Social Icons Widget 3.0

We’ve added three exciting new features to the plugin for this big release. These are features we’ve had requested and make the plugin even more powerful.

Here’s what we’ve added:

New global color picker for all icons.

This lets you set the color scheme once, and ensures the icons match your brand. A convenient time saver! Here’s the colour picker in action ⬇️

Plus, you’ll now get a preview of how the icons will look on your site when you change the colors ????

New color picker to change the hover color.

For even more control, you can now also use a color picker to set a color icons will change to when hovered over by a mouse. This can again match your brand and adds another layer of sophistication and class to your site.

Icons are now grouped in categories.

The Social Icons plugin supports so many icons that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. We’ve introduced a solution which can make this easier: grouping icons by categories.

Another small change which will make life easier ????

Update or install today

The new update is available right away from, so if you’ve already got the plugin installed you can update right now. If you don’t have the plugin, then now is a great time to install! We’ve even made a short video (below) showing how to get the plugin set up quickly.

We hope you’ll enjoy the added functionality found in this latest update to our free plugin. Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy the ease at which you can point website visitors to your social profiles!

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  • Amazing Social Widget with lots of option. I will use it in my blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • These widgets are so cool and I will try these widgets on my blog. Thank a so much for sharing