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Recipe Card Blocks PRO Released!

Last year, even before the WordPress 5.0 release, a new journey into something totally different started for us. A journey called Recipe Card Blocks.

This whole idea of building a recipe card block for Gutenberg was a new challenge for our team, as we’ve been creating mainly themes for the last 10 years. We’ve had another attempt with the ZOOM Builder, but that journey didn’t last too long.

Even though we planned to release a Premium version shortly after we’ve released the free one, we decided to focus first on the free version for a longer period and be 100% sure that we’re on the right path.

With 3000+ active sites using the free version, the release of the PRO version was imminent, as this will help to support the plugin and bring new features to it with each update.

Why should I upgrade?

Besides our excellent support, by upgrading to Recipe Card Blocks PRO you will also unlock new features, available exclusively only in the PRO version.

Here are some of the available features:

Star Rating

Who doesn’t like to be noticed in Google search results? With the stars rating appearing next to your recipes in the search results, your food blog will definitely not be left unnoticed!

Simply install the PRO version and all the existing and future recipes will get this feature enabled, so your readers can easily rate each recipe.

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Customize Colors

Recipe Card Blocks includes 3 different styles for your recipe cards. In case you don’t feel like this is enough and you need additional customization, then the PRO version will come in handy as it will give you access to more color schemes for each recipe card style.
You can easily select a pre-defined color scheme in each recipe or you can even use the color picker to select any color you want.

Video Recipe

The latest 2.3.0 update of both free and premium versions also brings a very useful and important feature for every food blog.
Now you can easily embed a video in each recipe card and this will significantly increase your exposure in search results pages.
The new recipe video also integrates with the markup from the plugin, which means that your rich snippets will be even more noticeable.

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading to the PRO version is simple. Regardless of whether you’ve used the free version before or not, after purchasing the PRO version you’ll get a new version of the plugin which you can easily install from the WordPress Dashboard.

Get Recipe Card Blocks PRO!

Bonus: by installing the PRO version, the footer credit with a link to our website will also disappear from all recipe cards on your website.

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