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Recipe Card Blocks 2.0 Released & PRO Version Announcement

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Great news, foodies! ????

The much-awaited update for the Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM is ready to get your food blog to a whole new level. Meet the 2.0 version of the plugin, with some great new features:

  • New Block with Schema MarkupRecipe Card Block (
  • Use a single block to create a recipe card
  • JSON-LD Schema Markup
  • 2 Recipe Card Styles
  • New Settings Page (Settings > WPZOOM Recipe Card)
  • Add Images in the Recipe Directions

New Block with Markup

Your recipes deserve the best spot among search engine results. This is why in this update we put the accent on integrating the Schema Markup. In short, it helps you structure the page and let search engines find and display rich snippets for your recipes. Using the new block from Recipe Card Blocks with support will reveal some new options that give you total control on how your recipes are displayed.

As you can see, this is a major update and we have completely restructured the plugin in order to extend it with the new features. This also changes the way you use the plugin. Now you get to use only one block that includes all the recipe details, as opposed to previously using two separate blocks for ingredients and directions.

View Demo →

What will happen with my previous recipe cards?

No worries! Your previous recipe cards will remain intact, as the separate blocks for Ingredients and Directions are still part of the plugin. However, for future recipes, we recommend using the new Recipe Card Block ( block to make use of the new features it is packed with.

JSON-LD… what?

Good question. JSON-LD is a data format used in programming. It is the most popular and recommended schema markup and the preferred one for search engines like Google and Pinterest. Guess what? The new update is completely compatible with JSON-LD, therefore your recipes are in good hands.

The New Recipe Card Block is eligible for Rich Snippets

Recipe Card Styles

The new update includes the option to choose between two recipe card styles. It’s up to you to decide if you want to go with the classic Foodica-styled recipe card or for a more modern and minimalist look.

New Plugin Settings Page

The new version of Recipe Card Blocks includes a separate page where you can adjust some global settings for the plugin. Simply go to Dashboard > Settings > WPZOOM Recipe Card and select the preferred options for general, appearance or metadata settings.

Add Images in Recipe Directions

We know this is one of the most requested and awaited feature, so here you go: Recipe Card Blocks now supports adding images in the recipe directions section. This will help you provide extra clarity to the recipes and improve the appearance of your recipe cards.

Wait… there’s more!

We’re super-excited to announce that very soon we will release the Recipe Card Blocks PRO version that will include some new extended features. It will allow you to manipulate with even more advanced options for your recipes. Curious to find out more? Simply subscribe below and you will be the first to find out all the details and when will the plugin be released.

Coming Soon!

Recipe Card Blocks PRO

Subscribe below and be the first to find out about the Recipe Card Blocks PRO release!

Recipe Card Blocks 2.0 is available for free on

Download from

Have you already played around with the new update? As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed in the comments section.

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  • Hello there!

    Have been trying to translate the recipe card from EN to SV, but it seems that some of the recipe card is not aviable to translate.

    The part with the sumary (Calories, Servings etc) does not show up in Loca, that i use to translate..

    • Hello Pär!

      We’ve just fixed this problem and updated the plugin.

      Now all the strings should be translatable. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still experience any issues.

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