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Meet our new Support Center

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People don’t like documentation, they just want the information as quickly as possible and with as little hassle as possible. If people can’t find the information they want immediately, they’ll just ask in the support forum.


In order to provide people with relevant information in an easily-usable way and maybe cut down on support requests, we have decided to improve our Support Center. The new design for the support section we’ve been working on goes a long way to achieving this, but it also required a lot of new content to populate it.

Fulfilling the gaps

It’s no secret that our previous support section included only theme documentation and support forum. So the first thing we did was to identify what else is missing and what additions would be most useful for our users. Are the majority of users beginners who need to know basics such as installation, theme options panel setup? Or – are people looking for more advanced info, such as customization?

So we decided to try and make everyone happy, and started to categorize support information in: Knowledge Base, Tutorials and Theme Documentation. In this way people will get access to information needed to them as quickly as possible.

Cross-theme vs. Theme-specific instructions

Since all of our themes are running on the same framework it’s much more efficient to have cross-theme tutorials, and keep theme-specific instructions in the theme documentation. So we’ve cut down all the instructions that are common to every of our theme, included them in a Knowledge Base, and maintain the theme documentation with theme-specific only information.

Easy auto-complete search with Swiftype integration

To make things even easier for our users, we integrated a great service called Swiftype, which allows us to enable auto-completion for the search form, so that users could get access quickly to common questions or issues.


But this is not the only reason we chose this service. It also offers us detailed analytics and insights on what people search, which definitely helps us in maintaining an informative knowledge base to cover everything they are looking for.

Click on the image for more details

Click on the image for more details

Visit our new Support Center

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