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Let’s play with a new theme!

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in News 36 comments

Many of you recognize us for our great Magazine-style themes, and since most of our recently released themes weren’t “magazine-styled”, we decided that it’s time for a new one!
We announce the release of our new theme called onPlay. onPlay is our most advanced magazine theme to date. It’s packed with dozen of unique & custom features.

Theme Features

  • 3 Color Schemes
  • Unique Video Slider
  • Archives Template
  • Widgetized Homepage
  • 9 Custom Widgets
  • Shortcode Manager

Unique Widgets

We created especially for this theme a few unique widgets, which will allow you to organize the homepage as you want. Homepage of onPlay theme contains 3 widgetized areas, so you can add tabbed and featured categories of different sizes.

Custom Widget: Tabbed Categories (with unlimited tabs)

Unlimited Featured Blocks

Beside Tabbed Categories, you can also add individual blocks featuring posts from specific categories or tags. These block also can be added on homepage in an unlimited number, via Custom Widgets.

Custom Widget: Featured block (with posts from specific categories or tags)

Fluid Carousel

From Theme Options you can enable and configure a unique carousel, which appears in the footer of the theme. You can use this carousel as a gallery of posts from specific categories you want. The carousel has a fluid layout, which allows it to adapt to any size of your browser.

Full-width Carousel with Fluid Layout

Custom Post Templates

Thanks to integrated options for each post individually, you can easily embed a full-width video in the header of specific posts. In this way you can use this theme as a portfolio to showcase your video productions.

Full-width video in post

Check out the live demo or theme’s page for more information.
Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this theme in comments below!

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  • Is there a way to use it like a normal ‘blog’ styled front page? Cause it would be mighty interesting to use on mine then.

  • Hi,

    nice Theme

    Can I remove the slider in the options? Again, no shame “related Posts “….

    Greetings from germany

  • Wow! “Fluid Carousel” looks amazing! :-)

    Great release for August!

  • It’s gem of a theme, looks very fresh design. Great work done.

  • Greetings from China …Stunning. Stylish & Clean. Looks like the successor to my current WPZOOM theme – Magazinium.

    the candy trail … nomad across the planet, since 1988

    PS: Can that post header video also be an image?

    • Sure, it can be an image. You’ll have to insert image’s source and it will appear instead of a video. It’s very easy. No modifications need to be done.

  • Beautiful!

  • Looks really good guys!

  • Looks good. I really needed these widget areas on front page in videozoom theme. I am about to have it developed by a freelancer. Are you going to add this feature to the above mentioned theme? Also it would be very nice to see fluid carousel in videozoom theme.

  • I am using Manifesto currently. Wondering how my custom settings, theme options and menu settings be affected if I switch to onPlay?

  • Hi,

    Does this theme support self hosted video’s? ie ability to add videos to the slider that are hosted on your own website, using either a link or embed code?

    I am not currently hosting any of my content on youtube, etc. I will be using Amazon Web Services.



  • Bought this theme this morning. Thrilled with it … Changed over themes within seconds. Zero issues. Pavel: Like, you read my mind with all the great features and exact color scheme that I dreamed off … I thank you. Surely, this is the best WP magazine theme out there now.

    Regards – MRP

  • Hi

    This is a great theme, and it may be perfect for a project I am working on. Can you answer me some questions please.

    1. On the demo home page, the video tabs at the top of the page for “Popular” and “Featured”. Is this a scrolling list, for example if I have 20 images or videos to show, will it scroll?

    2. The footer slider is excellent. Can this popup using a lightbox rather than going to the post page? Do you have any other themes that use lightbox or fancybox to popup content?

    Thanks for any help.

    • 1. Yes, as seen in the demo, it is a scrolling list.

      2. If you want you can customize the theme to achieve that.

      We don’t have something like this in our themes, as it isn’t a very traditional and/or recommended “feature”.

  • hello, great idea.

    just one pre-purchase question: does this theme have full width post template? (I do not mean full width video/image, just like magazinum, full width content post).


  • Hi,

    I’m currently using the telegraph theme ( Standard Licence). I’ve bought this theme back in February but i’m only trying to manage it right now.

    There’s few things that not working by now. First, if there any current update for this theme? I was under wordpress 3.2.1 theme wasn’t working at all so i’ve decided to re-install WordPress 3.0.5 but nothing change…

    Why everytime I’m adding a widget or a anything is doesn’t fit the page ( Code lines changed?)

    1. How Can I fix it?
    2. Do I have to buy a new theme to get a professional design for my website?

    Please, I really need a hand. Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • Hi,
    great theme, i absolutely love it and i really like the fluid carousel part, can really fit my blog. i was wondering if i can remove the video part on the homepage?

  • Really nice theme!
    I was wondering if the carousel part can be put in the header instead of the footer?

  • The load time for carousel part seems to be a bit high.Other wise the theme would be a best buy

  • hi,

    have this theme places for google ads ?


  • Hey great Theme !
    The only thing is would I be able to re-size the grey background of the slideshow and re-size the footer (by HTML,using wordpress,i don’t know if it’s possible)

  • WOW. Fantastic theme!

  • Fantastic Theme! Nice work.

  • i want to change header video slider then can i change it ?
    if yes then how can i change it?

  • With this Morning theme can I display a custom header per page basis, or change the header ad per page for custom page sponsorship?