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Introducing You to ZOOM Builder

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in News 14 comments

There have been a handful of really momentous moments in WPZOOM’s six-year history. From the first theme release back in 2009 to the first version of the ZOOM Framework in 2011 to our continued commitment to making being a WPZOOM customer as smooth as an experience as possible, as shown through our innovative support center redesign a year ago.

For most of the last year we’ve been working on something very special and we’re finally at a point where we can share it with you. This blog post today is the first time we’ve talked about it publicly.

Let’s back up here a second, though.

It’s long been the way with WordPress themes that you purchase your theme and then you make use of the pre-built layouts. If you want anything other than what comes bundled with the theme you either end up learning how to code it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. If none of those options appeal, your only option is to switch themes. WordPress developers have long gone after the “holy grail” of being able to create a system which lets users build their own layouts in an intuitive, flexible way whilst maintaining elegance, responsiveness and security. There’s always been some catch. You’re tied to a specific theme or company’s themes, the user interface is clunky or unintuitive or you just don’t get the real flexibility you need.

For the last year we’ve been building something that’s going to change all that.

It’s called ZOOM Builder. It’s a premium WordPress plugin which works with any WordPress theme and lets you build professional-grade layouts by dragging and dropping.

ZOOM Builder will be launching in a few days and we’re really excited that we’re finally able to tell you about it.

More information will be available soon — sign up to our newsletter below to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us. We can’t wait to show you more.

— Pavel, Dumitru, Nicolae, James, Alex, Kate and Marko — the WPZOOM team.

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  • This sounds really intriguing. Definitely got my attention. Looking forward to more details.

  • Same :)
    looking forward to this one. Pavel, is it like WP Page Builder?
    I guess I’ll to wait for the release!

  • A Headway Themes competitor? That would be something!
    Since there is non to date, well….. not really.
    I’m very curious, can’t wait.

  • I think it’s like a eelegant themes Divi template looking forward to use it. :)

    • ZOOM Builder is not a theme like Divi :)
      It’s a plugin which you can use with any theme you want to build beautiful landing pages and much more!

  • Hey Paul, send us a test copy of the plugin through the WPTavern contact form. I’d like to give this a look. I’m intrigued with the builder being a plugin and not directly tied to a theme. By the way, nice summary of the past few years concerning theme builders. You summed it up nicely.

    Although it’s worth noting that the trend right now is ripping all that stuff out of themes and designers are fulfilling one direction with themes instead of one theme catering to multiple markets/niches. I wonder how this plugin will influence that trend.

    • Hey Jeff, I’ve just sent you a message via your contact form.

      We are also curious to see how this plugin will influence the things with complex themes. We never planned to develop a plugin, but it all started when we’re working on a new business theme, and there were so many great things designed in it, that we really wanted to find the best way to allow people easily to have control on each module in a page. And the result will be clearly visible in the new theme we’ll be releasing in the same day with the builder.

  • Hi Pavel, its a good news. A question:
    Is it front-end page builder like themify’s, or back-end page builder like elegantthemes’s divi’s ?

    • It is a backend builder, at least for now. ;) We do have some things in the works to possibly include frontend builder functionality in future versions though. So, keep your eyes open for that. :)

  • If isn’t like Elegant’s theme’s Divi, WP Page Builder or HeadWay. I guess it’s like CobaltApps Genesis Extender Plugin but without requiring Genesis Framework. Looking forward to this.

  • Hola, Pavel, me encanta esta noticia. Te felicito porque siempre estás en constante evolución. Seguro que ZOOM CONSTRUCTOR será de gran ayuda para todos nosotros los websmaster. Estamos ansiosos por conocer tu proyecto. Por favor lo no demores mucho

    Hi Pavel, I love this story. I congratulate you because you are always evolving. ZOOM BUILDER sure be helpful for all of us websmaster. We look forward to meeting your project. Please do not take too long

  • Cannot wait to see this – the price will hopefully be suitable for most schools and non-commercial bodies.

    Good luck guys,