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Inspiro 7.0 Released — Elementor Integration, New Demo Importer & More

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We’ve recently released Inspiro 7.0 — a major update for our most popular portfolio theme. The main goal of this update was to make the theme even more flexible and user-friendly, as well as to optimize the way it works. Read below to see how you can get the most of the upgraded Inspiro and if it will impact the existing users in any way.

What’s new in Inspiro 7.0?

  • Elementor Integration
  • Redesigned Demo Content Importer
  • Improvements & Optimization

Elementor Integration

Starting with version 7.0, Inspiro is completely compatible with Elementor. It can be used with the free version of Elementor, thanks to our Elementor Addons plugin. The plugin includes custom Elementor widgets and page templates – all available for free.

Find more details in the documentation.

Redesigned Demo Content Importer

We’ve completely redesigned the demo content importer in Inspiro. Now it’s more intuitive and faster to set up the theme on your website. The new users of Inspiro will benefit from a much simpler process of installing the theme along with all the necessary plugins. It’s also easier to load the desired demo template of the theme with the new version of the demo importer.

Improvements & optimization

In the 7.0 update, we’ve made significant improvements and optimizations to ensure the theme continues functioning properly and behaves well in terms of SEO. We’ve completed a full code clean-up for the theme and you can be sure it is updated with the latest WordPress standards.

Is Beaver Builder no longer supported in Inspiro?

Inspiro still supports Beaver Builder and the Elementor integration will not affect this fact in any way. We will keep the integration and compatibility with Beaver Builder as long as the plugin will exist. The users that have built their websites with Beaver Builder have nothing to worry about. Moreover, the new customers will still have access to the Beaver Builder integration. However, we believe that at this point Elementor provides much more features and flexibility for creating layouts.

If you wish to migrate from Beaver Builder to Elementor, this is possible. However, once you load the page template from Elementor, you’d have to re-add your own content.

As you might already know, we’ve recently released Inspiro PRO, also integrated with Elementor. It’s legit to wonder what’s the difference between Inspiro Classic and Inspiro PRO, now that they both work with Elementor.

We’ve made the integration in Inspiro Classic because Elementor keeps gaining popularity. Also, many of our customers asked throughout the years about its compatibility with Inspiro Classic. At some point, we made the decision to integrate Inspiro with Beaver Builder, but this is not actual anymore as the plugin has lost downloads and popularity.

To sum up, Inspiro Classic has gained some new features with Elementor in addition to what the theme already includes. Inspiro PRO is a separate and different version of the theme, based solely on Elementor features and new designs.

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