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Automatic Video Thumbnails in Videozoom Theme

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This post is written to let you know that we’ve released today a new version of Videozoom Themev 2.6, and one of the most important feature which was added in the new update is Automatic Video Thumbnails.

This feature will automatically give you a preview of the thumbnail of videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and this means that you won’t have to manually create thumbnails for these videos.

You can see how this feature works in a real example in following video:

If you are an existing customer, then you can download the new version from your member dashboard.

What other features would you like to see in our themes? Please leave your response in comments below.

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  • I would love to update this theme.

    I have used it at my one live streaming blog

  • This update does not work. I cannot get support to help me figure it out. I can add thumbnails manually, but the automatic feature does not work. I wish this company would help me since spent over $200 on the whole theme license. I have sent emails and posted in the forms with zero success.

    • Please make sure to check all your email addresses, because we sent you already a response 2 days ago.

    • I have the same problem Doug! I have little support from this company and a lot of features are not working, including the slider in Chrome which is buggy. They claim it is not. I’m frustrated..If you are out there somebody from wpzoom, please test out my site again, because Vimeo also says it is problematic!! WHY can you reply with something like “It played fine here” Help me out please!

  • Also not working for me

  • For those who it is not working for, please post in the official support forum. Also, please be sure to include as many details as possible. We would be very glad to help you resolve these problems.

  • Hi there, I tried to use the automatic video thumbnail function and it worked as it should have. I am modifying my father’s website and we just recently downloaded a VideoZoom theme. He wants it to look exactly like what you have online. I don’t know exactly how to modify what is there and I’m sure you folks have a ton of other requests, Please advise as to what I should look for to change at least the home page layout so that I can have multiple videos on it. Even if it is like 6-9 thumbnails that open individually on their own page. Just point me in the right direction because I have them set up as pages and not posts at this point. You could probably check the website and see right away where I am missing a crucial element. Any help would be appreciated. Jeremy Dustin ([email protected])

  • Hello, just got hacked via timthumb vulnerablities to name a few. WP timthumb scanner says your script is out of date and when I tried to update it, to timthumb 2.8.10 it stopped working so now it’s have it not work or use insecure script. Anything I can do?

  • I like the theme…however, I would prefer for the generated thumbnail to play within the slider vs. the video player in the slider. For the sake of analytics, it makes it easier to have the home page slider contain a photo thumbnail, the user clicks through to the post where the video is displayed.

    In your video, the thumbnail appeared to automatically generate in the “featured image” section, but my version of the theme does not give me this option. Please assist. Thanks!