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Announcing the First Themes to be Retired

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As we have announced in a previous post, we have decided to retire some of our older themes during the following 2 months. This should allow us to spend more time on developing more modern, optimized and high-quality themes in the future.

The first themes to be retired are:

What Happens Next

On 15th of October 2012, these themes will no longer be available for purchase and will not be visible in our Theme Collection.

Starting 1st of January 2013, these themes will no longer see any major updates, such as new features, functionality, etc. The only updates will include potential fixes for incompatibilities with future versions of WordPress.

Only limited support will be provided for these themes, so please consider switching to a more recent theme, we have plenty of them in our Theme Collection.

Existing Customers

If you have bought any of these themes somewhere between 15th of August 2012 and 28th of September 2012, we will gladly replace a retired theme for another theme of the same type from our Collection.
Just drop us a message with your username, email, the name of your old theme and the name of the new, replacement theme. We will update your account as quick as possible.

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