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Social Icons Widget PRO – Known Issues & Conflicts

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There are a few issues currently with the PRO version of the plugin:

1. It’s not possible to edit menu icons using the Customizer. Please use the Appearance > Menus page to add icons.

2. Block Preview doesn’t work if you have the Grammarly browser extensions installed.

Social Icons Widget PRO – Adding Icons in Menus

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To add icons in menus, navigate to the Appearance > Menus page:

Select the Menu that you want to edit and then add an icon from the Social Icons by WPZOOM category.

If the icon that you need is not appearing in the list with icons, just enter your link and click on the Add to Menu button.

If the link goes to a known social network, then the plugin will automatically display the right icon. Otherwise, you can edit manually the icon and pick the right one.

If you want to add some text next to an icon, just enable the option Show icon labels?

Social Icons Widget PRO – Create Icon Sets & Using the Shortcode

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Version 1.1.0 of the plugin brings a very useful feature – Icon Sets & Shortcodes:

From the Social Icons Sets section, you can create multiple sets of icons that you can later embed anywhere you want using a shortcode.

Add a few icons, change the styling options, and you’re ready to go!

After publishing a new set, you will get a unique shortcode for that specific icon set. You can add that shortcode in pages, posts or in a page builder using simple Text widgets:

The advantage of this feature is that you can insert the same set of icons in multiple locations and make changes at any time from a single place.

Social Icons Widget PRO – How to Upload Custom SVG Icons

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You can upload custom SVG icons in the settings page of the plugin:

After uploading the icons, you can find them in the Social Icons Block by clicking the “Edit Details” link when adding a new icon:

A popup will open and the icons are available in the Custom Icons set:

Using the Legacy Widget? Then click on the icon to open the popup:

If there is a problem with an icon, try finding another one, or you can use a tool like Icomoon App to edit your SVG file.

Where to find SVG Icons?

SimpleIcons is a great website that includes many icons for popular brands.
IconFinder is also a good resource where you can find any type of icons, both free and premium.

Social Icons Widget PRO โ€“ Activate your License Key

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After installing and activating the plugin, we recommend you to activate your license key in the Settings > Social Icons Widget PRO page to get updates in the future.

You can find and copy your license key on this page.

Then go to Settings > Social Icons Widget PRO and insert your key in the License Key tab. Click on the blue Save Changes button:

After adding the license key in the settings page, make sure to click on the Activate License button to get the green active status.