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Gourmand – Recipe Index Page

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Creating a Recipe Index page like this one from the demo is very easy.

  1. Create a New Page from Pages > Add New
  2. Assign one of the 3 available Recipe Index Page Templates to the new page.

Optionally, you can create 3 different pages with all available Recipe Index Page Templates and then create a Menu with these pages and set this as the Recipe Index menu. This will allow visitors to view your Recipe Index in 3 different styles: list, by date and grouped by category:

For more option for Recipe Index pages, see Theme Options > Recipe Index Settings:

Gourmand – Featured Area with 3 Columns on Homepage

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Gourmand includes a super-flexible featured area on the homepage where you can highlight different content. You can display your recipes by featuring three different categories at the same time or add a carousel slider with posts that deserve everyone’s attention.

The widget area at the top is called Homepage (Top). If you add 3 or 4 widgets in it, then they will automatically appear in 3 or 4 columns.

Below we’ll explain how to configure the featured area in different cases:

Showing 3 Posts from Different Categories

If you want to have the same setup as in the demo, you will have to add 3 x Featured Category (Homepage) widgets in the Homepage (Top) widget area:

Here you can see how to configure each widget, by selecting the category from which you want to display the post in each column:

There are more options available in the widget, so you can use them too.

TIP: If you want to show the latest posts from the same category, just insert the Featured Category (Homepage) widget once, and configure it to show 3 posts instead. You can also create a category named “Featured”, for example, and have it selected in the widget. Whenever you want a new post to appear in the widget, just assign this category to it.

Showing a Carousel

Gourmand theme also includes a custom widget called WPZOOM: Carousel Slider.

You can insert this widget once in the Homepage (Top) area, and you will have a beautiful sliding carousel at the top:

Showing 3 Image Boxes with Links

Another useful widget included in the theme is called “WPZOOM: Image Box“.

If you prefer to have the Featured Area showing images with links to other pages on your blog, just insert 3 x WPZOOM: Image Box widget and configure each of them with an image, text and a link:

Gourmand – Configure Mobile Menu

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In Gourmand you can control what menu is displayed on mobile devices. All you have to do is to head over to the Menus page, create a new menu, or assign an existing one to the Mobile Menu location.


Gourmand – Social Icons in the Header and Footer

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Social Icons in the header and footer can be added using Social Icons widget (free plugin created by WPZOOM). Once you install the plugin, activate it, go to Widgets page, and add the Social Icons by WPZOOM widget to the Header Social Icons and Footer Social Icons widget areas.

Make sure to select the Color Icon/No Background Icon Style if you want all icons to look in the same color and style as in the demo. If you select a different style, then you can customize and have icons in different colors.

Here’s how the widget is configured in the demo in the header:

and here’s the configuration for footer icons:

Gourmand – Customize Post Styles and Post Options

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Posts Layouts and Options can be changed in Customizer > Post Options:

You will find there separate options to customize the posts appearance on Homepage, Category pages and Individual posts pages.

You can also change the Layout there from With Sidebar to Full-width: