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Reel – How to use the Page Builder (Unyson)

This article refers to Reel

Set up Homepage with the Page Builder

In order to create a homepage like this one from the demo, you have to create a new static page with the Homepage (Unyson Builder) page template, and then set it as you Front Page in Settings > Reading.

How to use the Page Builder

Looking for a Page Builder with more features? Try Beaver Builder Lite or Beaver Builder Premium. We also have a free plugin with additional widgets for the free version of Beaver Builder. View more details.

Here’s a video tutorial for Page Builder from Presence theme, but the instructions are actual for Reel too:

In order to activate the Page Builder, you’ll need to install the Unyson plugin, which is available for free.
After installing the theme, you’ll see a message at the top that offers to install and activate the plugin quickly:


Install the plugin and Activate it.

After that a new section called Unyson will appear in the dashboard menu:


Go to the Unyson page, and install the Page Builder extension.

Now you can use the Page Builder when you create or edit pages.

Here’s how you can create a new page to use it as front page and how to load the same layout from the demo:


Important Notice

  1. In order to display the slideshow at the top, select the Homepage (Unyson Builder) page template for the page that you’ll set as Front Page
  2. To set a page you’ve created as front page, go to Settings > Reading and select in the Front Page dropdown.
    Last updated on May 5, 2021