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Getting started with Themes

Reel – Homepage Slideshow

This article refers to Reel

The Slideshow in Reel theme appears automatically at the top of your front page.

If you don’t see it on your front page, please make sure to set one of the following Page Template to your front page:

  • Homepage (Page Builder)
  • Homepage (Unyson Builder)
  • Homepage (Portfolio)

From the Slideshow section in your Dashboard you can edit each image or video inserted in it as a separate Slideshow Post Type.

How to add an Image/Video in the Slideshow

  1. To add a new image/video in the Slideshow, navigate to Slideshow > Add New menu.
  2. In the Slideshow Options section you can add an optional button or link for current image/video.
  3. It’s also required to upload a Featured Image or a Video. You can read more about Video support in this article.
  4. Additional slider settings can be configured in Customizer > Homepage Slider.

How to Change the Order of Images/Videos in Slideshow

The order of images/videos in the Slideshow can be changed from Slideshow > Re-order page:

Simply drag & drop items in the order you want, and then click on the Save Order button.

How to Change the Number of Images/Videos Displayed in the Slideshow

From the Customizer > Homepage Slider you can configure how many of the Slideshow posts are visible on the front page.

Recommended size for Featured Image is: 2200x1800px.

For more details about Video Background and Supported Video Formats & Devices, see the next tutorial.

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Last updated on May 26, 2020

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