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Recipe Card Blocks PRO

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Recipe Card Blocks PRO – How to add Recipe Cards with Schema.org Support

This article refers to Recipe Card Blocks PRO

If you want to create recipes that include Structured Data markup (Schema.org or Rich Snippets), just use the block called Premium Recipe Card:

In the Free version of the plugin this block is called Recipe Card Block (Schema.org):

This block can be inserted just once in a post in order to avoid conflicts in the Structured Data markup needed to make your recipes compatible with Schema.org.

Some details of the recipe can be added directly in the block (Ingredients, Directions, etc.), while other details can be entered in the right sidebar with block details (Difficulty, Cuisine, etc.):

The design of the Recipe Card block can be changed from the Styles section in the block settings:

You can also choose a specific design to be your default design in the Settings page.

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Last updated on October 28, 2020

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