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Recipe Card Blocks PRO

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How to create Reusable Blocks and Insert them in Elementor

This article refers to Recipe Card Blocks PRO

Recipes created using our plugin can be easily inserted in Elementor.

Thanks to the Reusable Blocks Extended plugin, it’s possible to display recipes created using our plugin in posts and pages you create using the Elementor and other page builders.

Interested in displaying your recipes in Elementor? Let’s find out how to do that:

1. Install & Activate Reusable Blocks Extended plugin

This is a pretty simple step. Just head over to the Plugins > Add New page in your WordPress Dashboard. Search for the plugin name “Reusable Blocks Extended” and install it.

2. Create your first “Reusable” recipe

The idea of Reusable Blocks is that you can easily insert them anywhere you want through a shortcode that will be generated by the above plugin.

Go to Reusable Blocks > Add New and create your recipe here just like you’d create a new post, except you add just the Recipe Card Block in the editor.

When you’re done writing the recipe, click on the Publish button. This will save your new recipe aka reusable block.

3. Insert the Recipe in Elementor

On the All Reusable Blocks page you can find the shortcode for your new recipe:

Copy the shortcode, and go to Elementor.

Search for the “Shortcode” widget”:

Drag the widget to a location on the page where you want to display the recipe and insert the shortcode:

You can also use the Reusable Block widget to insert recipes:

And that’s all!

Now if you want to make some changes quickly in a specific recipe, just go back to the Reusable Blocks section and edit it. Your changes will be automatically reflected everywhere where you’ve inserted that recipe via a shortcode.

View Demo

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Last updated on October 28, 2021

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