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Getting started with Themes

Recipe Card Blocks PRO

How to install the plugin?

Before proceeding to the installation instructions, you will need to download the ZIP file with the Recipe Card Blocks PRO from the members area on our website:

NOTE: some browsers (eg. Safari) auto extract zip files automatically. Right click on the download link and select “Save Linked File As” will allow you to download as a zip file.

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) and open PluginsAdd New section
  2. Click on the Add New button from the top
  3. Click on the Upload button
  4. Browse for .zip file with plugin on your computer, and Install it
  5. Activate plugin

Activate your license key

After installing and activating the plugin, we recommend you to activate your license key in the Recipe Card page to get updates in the future.

You can find and copy your license key on this page.

After saving the license key in the settings page, make sure to click on the Activate License button to get the green active status.

How to use the Recipe Card Blocks?

For best results & performance, we recommend you to install the Gutenberg plugin too, as in this way your new WordPress block editor will be updated more frequently.

When using the new block editor in WordPress for creating a new post or editing an existing one, you can find the blocks available in this plugin in the WPZOOM – Recipe Card block group:

How to add Recipe Cards with Support

If you want to add compatible recipe cards, just use the block called Recipe Card Block (

This block can be inserted just once in a post in order to avoid conflicts in the Structured Data markup needed to make your recipe compatible with Schema Recipe.

Some details of the recipe can be added directly in the block (Ingredients, Directions, etc.), while other details can be entered in the right sidebar with block details (Difficulty, Cuisine, etc.):

Settings Page

If you want to make some changes to the default configuration of new Recipe Card blocks, go to the Recipe Card page, and adjust the options as you want.

Please note that most of the options from the settings page will be applied only to new blocks that you will add in posts after saving the changes.

No existing blocks will be affected if you make changes on the Settings page.

How to add “Jump to Recipe” button

The plugin offers you the possibility to display automatically buttons at the top in all posts including the Recipe Card Block.

Just go to the Settings page of the plugin, and enable the option Automatically add Buttons under the Appearance section.

Please keep in mind that the buttons will appear, only if the Recipe Card Block is included in the post.

How to Translate Recipe Card Blocks?

You can translate this plugin just like any other plugin or theme using popular plugins like Loco Translate or TranslatePress.

Loco Translate will offer you more control, so probably it will be easier to translate the plugin using it.

Currently, the translation of the Recipe Card block will be visible only on the front-end, in the posts. The default version in English will be still visible in the editor, as currently it’s not possible to translate blocks in the Dashboard using Gutenberg.

Last updated on September 30, 2019
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