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Instagram Widget – How to reconnect Instagram account (Access Token expired)?

This article refers to Instagram Widget

The access token for your Instagram account expires every 60 days. Our plugin automatically renews the access token every 60 days, but sometimes, depending on your server environment, this process might fail.

If your server prevents our plugin from renewing your access token key, you’ll have to reconnect your Instagram account again. This can easily be done by accessing Instagram Widget → Users and then clicking on the three-doted icon under the Actions column. Then click on Edit user:

This way, you will open the user details, and this is where you can reconnect your account by clicking on the Re-connect button. An Instagram popup will open, asking for account permissions. Click Allow. After this, the popup will redirect to wpzoom.com, then will automatically close. Click on the Update button.

That’s it! You’ve reconnected your Instagram account for another 60 days.

Last updated on September 11, 2023