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Instagram Widget – FAQ & Troubleshooting

This article refers to Instagram Widget

My Instagram Widget doesn’t look good

If you’re using a page builder for displaying the Instagram Feed, we recommend enabling the following option in the Settings page of the plugin:

This option ensures that all the needed assets to make the plugin look good will be loaded on your pages.

My feed doesn’t show videos

If none of your videos from your Instagram account are showing in the feed, make sure to uncheck the following option from the Design tab when editing a feed: “Hide video thumbnails“.

Thumbnails are cropped incorrectly

This issue could be caused by the Site Accelerator feature from the Jetpack plugin. Try disabling the Speed up image load times and Enable Lazy Loading for images options from Jetpack > Settings > Performance:

Our plugin already includes a Lazy Loading for images option which can be enabled when editing a feed:

Last updated on September 11, 2023