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Inspiro PRO – Setting-up the Portfolio (Gallery) Page

This article refers to Inspiro PRO

Inspiro PRO theme includes different page templates for Portfolio (Gallery) page:

  1. Portfolio (Eccentric) – this is an experimental layout which features a full-width design
  2. Portfolio (Clean) – this template is based on the Isotope effect, and will display all your Portfolio posts on one page, so you can be able to sort them using the categories at the top.
  3. Portfolio (paginated) – this template includes paginated navigation, which will display as many Portfolio posts per page as you set in Theme Options > Portfolio Options
  4. Portfolio (Infinite Scroll) – in this template with no paginated navigation, but only a Load More button that will load new posts every time it’s clicked.
  5. Portfolio (Masonry) – this page template displays all Portfolio posts in a masonry layout

Setting-up the Portfolio (Gallery) Page

1. Navigate to Pages -> Add New and create or edit a page on which you want to show all your Portfolio posts,

2. Look for the Template box on the right side, and select any of the available Portfolio templates from the drop-down.

3. Once you created your Portfolio page, navigate to WPZOOM > Theme Options > Portfolio .

4. In Portfolio Options select the your newly created page in the dropdown for the Portfolio Page option. Here you can also configure other options for your Portfolio page:

Optionally, you can customize the Gallery page by setting a Featured Image and adding some text in the content area, which will appear in the header:

Last updated on August 15, 2021