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Inspiro PRO – How to Create Multiple Slideshows

This article refers to Inspiro PRO

By default, you can have 1 instance of the homepage slideshow with video support.

However, with some additional steps, you can display different content in the slideshow on specific pages.

How to create multiple homepage slideshows

tl;dr: organize slideshow posts in the same Category for each page.

1. Assign a Slideshow Category to Slideshow Posts

Let’s imagine the following situation: you have the slideshow shown on the homepage featuring specific videos or images, and you want to display it on another page, like About, but with other content.

All you have to do is to assign the same category to Slideshow Posts that you want to display on the new page.

In the above example, we have created a new category called About, and we’ll assign it to all Slideshow Posts that we want to display on the About page.

The next step depends on how you’re adding the Slideshow on a page. In case you’re adding the slider using the Inspiro Slideshow widget in Elementor, then follow instructions from the next step. Otherwise, jump to step #3.

2. Choose the Category in Elementor

If you’re adding the Inspiro Slideshow widget in Elementor, then choosing a Slideshow category is very simple:

However, if you’re using the Homepage page template that shows automatically the slider, then you will need to follow these instructions:

3. Use the right Page Template

As you probably know already from a previous article, the Slideshow appears automatically at the top on the pages with the following page template:

  • Homepage (Page Builder)

This means that you need to choose one of these page templates for your page on which you want to display the slideshow:

4. Select the Slideshow Category

After selecting the right Page Template, a new section called “Slideshow Category” will appear below the page editor:

If you don’t see this section, just click on the Update button at the top and refresh the page.

In our case, we’ll select here the category named About, as we want to display only the Slideshow posts created for this page.

Now you can also edit your homepage and make sure to select a specific category for slideshow there too, in case you want to exclude posts created for other pages.

Last updated on August 15, 2021