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Foodica – Recipe Schema Support & Recommendations for Non-Food Blogs

This article refers to Foodica

Even though Foodica is a popular food blog theme, a lot of our customers use it also for non-food blogs.

The Everyday Man blog using Foodica theme

The Everyday Man is a great example of a blog using Foodica theme for a non-food blog.

Here are a few more examples of non-food blogs using Foodica:
SNKR – Blog about Sneakers
Meray Froese – a lifestyle blog
The Healthy Camper – another lifestyle blog
In Focus – company blog of a photo lab company

Disable the Food Recipe Schema

If you’re planning to use the Foodica for a non-food blog or if you use already a Recipe Card plugin with Recipe Schema support we recommend you to disable the following option from the Theme Options page:

Disabling the Structured Data Markup option from Foodica will prevent your blog posts to not be indexed by search engines as food recipes in case you’re using the theme for a non-food blog. This will also prevent possible conflicts between the theme and a Recipe Card plugin, if you’re using one already.

This is a global option and it will disable theme’s recipe markup for all your posts.

It’s also possible to disable the recipe markup on a post-basis, by checking the following option when editing a post:

This option is useful if you have a food blog, but also want to publish posts that aren’t food recipes, like general posts, travel diaries, etc.

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Last updated on March 17, 2019

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