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Theme Documentation

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Diamond Documentation


Theme Quick Specs

  • Responsive – Yes
  • Theme Width – 1200px
  • Sidebar Width – 330px
  • Sidebar Width (3 columns) – 250px
  • Post Content Width – 800px
  • Post Content Width (3 columns) – 600px
  • Page Templates – Blog, Directory, Full-width, Homepage (Directory), Homepage (Widgetized), Homepage (WooCommerce), Homepage (ZOOM Builder), Sidebar on the Left, 3 Columns, ZOOM Builder
  • Custom Widgets – Directory Pages, Facebook Like Box, Featured WooCommerce Products, Instagram, Recent Posts, Single Page, Social Widget, Twitter, Instagram

Theme Overview

Demo Content Importer

To get quickly the same look of the theme as in the demo see here instructions to Import the Demo Content.


Adding Content to Homepage Slider

  1. To add a new slide in the slider on the homepage, navigate to Slideshow > Add New menu.
  2. In the Slide Options section you can add an optional button for a slide or select the text alignment.
  3. It’s also required to upload a Featured Image. The slider height is 600px
  4. Additional slider settings can be configured in Theme Options > Homepage > Homepage Slider.

Create a Directory Page


Directory module works very simply in this theme: using a special page template with the same name, you can easily display all sub-pages of a specific page as directory listings.

  1. To create a directory page similar to this or this from the demo, you’ll have to select the Directory template for a page which has multiple sub-pages.
  2. Once you have selected the page template, click Update button, and when the page will refresh a new metabox called Directory List Options will appear in the right sidebar.
    From this metabox you can quickly configure different options for the current directory page.
  3. Each page with the Directory template will display its sub-pages as directory entries, so make sure to set the right Parent page to those pages that you want to display as directory entries for the current directory page.

Directory Homepage Template


Homepage: Directory template is widget-based, and this means that you can easily control it from Widgets page.

  1. First you will have to create a new page and assign the Homepage (Directory) template.
  2. Now navigate to Appearance > Widgets page in WordPress Admin, and add WPZOOM: Directory Pages widget in the Homepage (directory) location. You can add multiple widgets to display different directories.
  3. Make sure to select the right Parent Page from which will be shown the sub-pages.

Create a Directory Listing


Creating directory entries similar to the ones from the demo (example) is very simple.

  1. New listings can be added just like you create static pages. Just make sure to select the right Parent page on which the current listing will be displayed.
  2. In the Slider section you can quickly create a slideshow for current page, that will be displayed at the top.
  3. Tabs can be added quickly using WPZOOM Shortcodes, and in this case – Tabbed Layouts. Create as many tabs you want, and then start adding content in them.

How to Change Pages Order in Directories


You can change the order that your pages are displayed in Directory archives by using the Order field of the Page Attributes module.

Let’s say you have three pages: Hotel 1, Hotel 2, Hotel 3

If you wanted Hotel 2 to appear first, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to Pages -> All Pages in your dashboard
  2. Find the page Hotel 2 and click the title.
  3. Locate the Page Attributes module to the right of the editor.
  4. Put the number 1 in the box for Order. This tells WordPress to display this page first on your blog.
  5. Click the Update button.
  6. Repeat the process for your other pages, but use higher numbers for the Order field: 2, 3, etc. This tells WordPress to display these pages second and third on your blog.

If you’re using the WPZOOM: Directory Pages widget, be sure to set the Order option to Page Order.

How to Change Front Page


As you may know Diamond theme includes multiple page templates for homepage. To assign a static page as the Front Page of your website follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Reading in your dashboard
  2. Select “A static page” option for the Font page displays
  3. Then select any existing page from the Front page dropdown

Widget: Single Page


This widget can be added in the Homepage (Widgetized) template via Widgets page, and it allows to feature the content from individual pages.

  1. If a page has a Featured Image then it will be displayed in the widget, in case you have enabled this options in widgets settings.
  2. You can also display a video instead of the Featured Image, but you’ll have to insert the embed code in the Excerpt field when editing the page. If you don’t see the Excerpt metabox, make sure that it’s enabled from the Screen Options from top-right.
  3. This widget will display the full content of a page, but you can easily make use of the Read More tag and insert it anywhere you want in the content.

Widget: Featured WooCommerce Products


This widget can be added in the Homepage (Widgetized) template via Widgets page, but you’ll need to install and activate WooCommerce plugin.
To mark a product as featured go to: Products > Products and select the Star in the featured column.


To add widgets in this theme, access Appearance -> Widgets menu, and drag widgets to your widgetized areas to activate them.

Widgets Structure in Demo


Load Default Widgets

From Theme Options you can load automatically default widgets, exactly as in theme demo. All you have to do is to navigate to Theme Options -> Import/Export -> Widgets and click the button Load default widget settings


How do I change summary content (Excerpt) for a post?

On editing page of a post, look for a field called Excerpt. You can add here summaries for your posts each time you want to adjust manually the length of text which appears in Slider, Recent Articles, Post Archives or when you simply want to have a different text than the automatically picked excerpt.

How can I change the number of posts on homepage?

  1. Go to Settings > Reading
  2. Find Blog pages show at most option, and change the number of posts.

How do I add a Contact Form?

To add a contact form to a page simply install the WPForms plugin by following these instructions.

Last updated on July 6, 2018