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How to Disable Google Fonts in WPZOOM Themes

For many, the PageSpeed score is more important than the actual aspect of their website.

There are 2 methods to disable Google Fonts in your WPZOOM theme:

  1. By changing the Body font to a system font in Customizer and Syncing it to all font options  (not available in all themes)
  2. By installing Disable Google Fonts plugin.

1. Using the Customizer

In some of our popular themes, it’s possible to change the Body font and Sync it with other fonts in the theme. This allows disabling Google Fonts registered by the theme.

How to disable Google Fonts in WPZOOM themes?

1. In order to disable Google Fonts in WPZOOM themes, you have to choose a non-Google Font (system font) for the Body option in Customizer > Typography:

2. After that, enable the Sync all fonts option and Save the changes.

That’s all! All Google Fonts registered by your theme are now disabled.

If you want to disable Google Fonts registered by plugins, we recommend you apply the 2nd method.

2. Using Disable Google Fonts plugin

If the 1st method is not available in your theme, use the Disable Google Fonts plugin to disable Google Fonts entirely on your website.

This method provides a better result, as it ensures that even fonts registered by other plugins are also disabled.

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Last updated on September 23, 2021
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