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Best Free WordPress Full Site Editing Themes in 2022

Written by Ina Morosanu on in Best of, WP Themes 0 comments

Starting with WordPress 5.9, released at the beginning of 2022, the Full Site Editing (FSE) concept became available to all WordPress users. FSE is a collection of new WordPress features that focus on styling blocks and using blocks for all parts of a website, not only the content area.

WordPress Full Site Editing themes — otherwise referred to as simply WordPress block themes — come packed with lots of useful features and advantages.

Undoubtedly, the main advantage is the ability to fully edit the page: header, footer, sidebar, and other areas. No coding skills required and no more messing with complicated theme files!

Another great advantage is that a website using a Full Site Editing theme will return an excellent Page Speed score. With the new site editor, fewer third-party plugins are needed to solve design challenges. For example, page builders are known to slow down web pages. Since you won’t need one anymore, your website will become much faster.

Full Site Editing is here to stay and it’s gradually becoming the present and the future of WordPress websites. Therefore, we’ve handpicked a collection of block themes to help you get started.

Read along to meet the best free Full Site Editing themes of the moment!
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4 Key Features to Look for in a WordPress Photography Theme

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in Design, WP Themes 0 comments

If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably worked incredibly hard to find the best techniques and develop your own artistic style. However, if you don’t have a good online portfolio, you might struggle to gain attention and sell your work.

Fortunately, there are many photography themes that enable you to customize your WordPress site to match your style. Knowing what features to look for can help you choose the right theme for your needs. This way, you can create a photography portfolio that meets your stylistic vision.

In this post, we’ll share some tips for choosing a photography theme for your WordPress site. Then, we’ll discuss the features to look for, including gallery sections, integration with page builders, and more. Let’s get to work!
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How to Choose an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

Written by Ina Morosanu on in Tutorials, WP Themes 0 comments

Are you hoping to create a website, but aren’t sure how to choose an efficient design? WordPress themes can provide you with beautiful pre-made pages that you can customize. However, many can hinder your site’s performance and result in poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the qualities to look for when selecting an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. When you consider certain criteria like clean code, loading times, and plugin support, you’ll be better equipped to choose a WordPress theme that won’t hold you back in search engine rankings.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you might want to opt for an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Then, we’ll share six factors you may want to consider when deciding on one. Let’s jump into it!

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10+ Best Elementor WordPress Themes in 2022 (Free and Pro)

Written by Maria Ansari on in WP Themes 0 comments

It’s no secret that Elementor is one of the most popular website builders for WordPress. In fact, more than 10 million websites are powered by Elementor. This equates to almost 5% of all websites on the internet running on Elementor!

Elementor is one of the best options for fully customizing the look and feel of your site. It’s a feature-packed website builder that lets you easily create web pages with the help of professional templates, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. You can create attractive-looking web pages within a few minutes and enhance the user experience on your site.

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The 15+ Best WordPress Business Themes to Grow Your Online Presence

Written by Alex Denning on in WP Themes 0 comments

In 2022, your business needs to be online, and a WordPress business theme can help you create a functional and professional web presence in no time. But there are a lot of WordPress business themes out there, so finding the proverbial needle in the haystack can be difficult.

To help you find the best WordPress business theme for your business, we’ve collected 20+ of the best business themes for WordPress. Let’s jump right into the themes… Continue Reading