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Simpler Plans, Redesigns and Yearly Support

Written by Alex Denning on in News 3 comments

Since the release of our latest theme, PhotoFrame, we’ve been extremely busy behind the scenes at WPZOOM. We’ve been tweaking, simplifying and redesigning, which means we’ve got a bunch of news to share with you. Let’s get straight to it.

Simplified WPZOOM Membership options

First up, we’re pleased to announce we’ve simplified our subscription options, and merged our “Standard” and “Developer” membership options into one single WPZOOM Membership plan. The single membership plan includes unlimited access to all our themes, Photoshop files, support and updates whilst the membership is active.


Current customers will keep the membership plans they signed up for for as long as they are active, but new customers can purchase a WPZOOM Membership for $19/month, with a one-time $199 startup fee. That works out at around $4.50/theme, which is crazy good value.
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10 More Amazing WPZOOM Powered Sites

Written by Alex Denning on in News 1 comment

We absolutely love seeing WPZOOM themes in awesome real-life scenarios and use-cases. Seeing our themes being used to power real businesses on real websites is fantastic, and serves as great inspiration as we carry on producing more awesome WordPress themes.

This post has got ten awesome WPZOOM customisations from our showcase. On any of these examples, you can click straight through to the website and the theme being used to find out more.


Visit View Theme

A colourful custom take on OriginMag, makes the most of the “magazine” style look. Great inspiration if you want to see what’s possible with OriginMag.

Andi Birnbacher
Andi Birnbacher

Visit View Theme

A clean, image-heavy take on PhotoNote, is the website for German biathelete Andreas Birnbacher. The mixture of static and dynamic content result in a really smooth user experience.
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WordPress 3.6 is available! All WPZOOM themes are immediately compatible

Written by Alex Denning on in News 4 comments

The long awaited release of WordPress 3.6 is here! “Oscar” (named after the great jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson) is available for download now, and even better — your WPZOOM theme is compatible immediately (provided your theme is also up-to-date).


We covered what to actually expect in WordPress 3.6 here on our blog back in June, so check out that post for an in-depth look at what’s new. The new release’s new features are summarised below:

  • Vastly improved autosaving.
  • Improved handling of multi-author posts through “post locking”.
  • More intuitive comparison of post revisions.
  • Much cleaner custom menu creation.
  • Improved handling of video and audio embeds.

The folks have put together a short video showing off some of the new features:

If your WPZOOM theme isn’t up-to-date, or you’re not sure if you need to upgrade, we have a tutorial in our Support Center which will guide you through that process, step by step. You can see when your theme was last updated here.

When you’re ready to upgrade WordPress, upgrading is as simple as following through the prompts on your WordPress Dashboard. It should only take a minute, and then you’ll be enjoying all of the great new features — and you’ll be making sure your site is secure, too.

What’s your favourite thing about WordPress 3.6? Hit the comments and let us know.

A Crash Course In Writing For The Web

Written by Alex Denning on in News 2 comments

A lot of our most popular themes here at WPZOOM are magazine themes. Something that plays a big part in these themes’ popularity is that they allow anyone to set up a blog and start publishing their own web-magazine.

Chronicle Theme

This, over the last couple of years, has transformed a lot of niches into thriving communities which are powered by the news, opinions and editorials pouring out of these WordPress-powered blogs.

The downside to this digital publishing revolution is that because it’s so easy to set up a good-looking site and pour your thoughts into it, everyone’s doing it and this means you need to do something to stick out from the crowd and make your voice heard.

In this post I’ll walk you through some of the techniques you can use to do exactly that; think of it as a crash course in writing for the internet-age.

Understanding your audience

The most important thing you need to do is to establish who your audience is, and once you’ve got that sorted, you need to start understanding them. Questions like “who am I writing to”, “what do people want to find out when they visit a story” and “how are people reading the content” are all important, and establishing the answers to those will go a long way to helping you understand your audience.

originmag Theme

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The Cost of Startup Maintenance: WPZOOM’s Monthly Costs

Written by Alex Denning on in News 5 comments

The awesome thing about being a startup which sells digital products, as WPZOOM does, is that it’s possible to work as a distributed team all over the world, taking advantage of some awesome tools.

Chris Coyier started the ball rolling back in October last year, with a list of all the “web developer-y services” he pays money for every month. I’ve done the same, and with Pavel’s help, this is a list of all the web services that WPZOOM pays for every month.

This doesn’t include things like salaries or office costs; it’s just web services we pay for. Intrigued? Here goes!


VPS Hosting – $149.95/month

This is the obvious one to get started with: our VPS hosting which keeps the whole site online. With hosting you really do get what you pay for, so for us it’s worth paying for quality hosting.

Vimeo Plus – $59.95/year


Vimeo Plus is the upgrade to the standard Vimeo account, allowing Unlimited HD videos, HD embeds and customisation of the Vimeo Player. It’s a solid, professional service and we use it for embedding our video tutorials onto our documentation pages.

There are notable free alternatives here — specifically, YouTube — but the Vimeo player just gets out the way and lets you the content, and it’s worth paying for that experience.
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