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Block Themes vs Classic Themes: 4 Key Differences

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in Full Site Editing 0 comments

With WordPress, you can use pre-designed themes to determine the look and feel of your website. Since WordPress introduced Full-Site Editing (FSE), you’re now able to use block themes in addition to classic themes. However, you might not know which one is best for your site.

There are some key differences between classic themes and block themes, making each one ideal for a different type of user. For instance, block themes let you customize every part of your website without touching your site files or using CSS.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at classic and block themes. Then, we’ll explore some key differences between them to help you choose the right one for your site. Let’s begin!

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Meet EduBlock & EduBlock PRO — Our Educational WordPress Block Themes

Written by Ina Morosanu on in Full Site Editing, New Themes 0 comments

There are many benefits to using block themes and we’d like to create a friendly environment for those who want to make the transition to the Site Editor. Creating WordPress block themes is one big part of this plan.

Following the release of our first full site editing theme, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our educational WordPress block theme — EduBlock PRO.

EduBlock PRO is packed with all the necessary features, templates, color schemes, and customization options for those who need to create a fast and reliable website for organizations like universities, schools, or colleges.
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5 Benefits of Using WordPress Block Themes

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in Full Site Editing, WP Themes 0 comments

If you use WordPress, you’ve probably heard about “block” themes. WordPress block themes differ from their regular counterparts because they’re templates made of blocks. That characteristic makes them much easier to edit than classic themes, where you need to use code to change their layouts and designs.

There are a lot of additional benefits to using block themes. Understanding these features will enable you to choose whether to stick with your current theme or switch to a block option. Spoiler: if you enjoy using the Block Editor, you’ll probably want to opt for the latter.

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Meet UniBlock PRO — Our First Premium Block-Based WordPress Theme

Written by Ina Morosanu on in Full Site Editing, New Themes 0 comments

We’ve recently introduced UniBlock — our free block-based WordPress theme, intended to be fully compatible with the Full Site Editing concept, also known as Site Editor.

To level up your experience, we’re happy to announce the release of UniBlock PRO — our first premium block-based WordPress theme. The theme is packed with numerous block patterns, 6 color schemes, and additional customization options, as well as predefined header & footer layouts.

With UniBlock PRO you have the flexibility to create any type of website and layouts tailored to your needs. Using the advantages of Full Site Editing, you’ll be able to have full control over creating and maintaining your website with no coding skills or other complicated technical details.
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Best Free WordPress Full Site Editing Themes in 2023

Written by Ina Morosanu on in Best of, Full Site Editing, WP Themes 0 comments

Starting with WordPress 5.9, released at the beginning of 2022, the Full Site Editing (FSE) concept became available to all WordPress users. FSE is a collection of new WordPress features that focus on styling blocks and using blocks for all parts of a website, not only the content area.

WordPress Full Site Editing themes — otherwise referred to as simply WordPress block themes — come packed with lots of useful features and advantages.

Undoubtedly, the main advantage is the ability to fully edit the page: header, footer, sidebar, and other areas. No coding skills required and no more messing with complicated theme files!

Another great advantage is that a website using a Full Site Editing theme will return an excellent Page Speed score. With the new site editor, fewer third-party plugins are needed to solve design challenges. For example, page builders are known to slow down web pages. Since you won’t need one anymore, your website will become much faster.

Full Site Editing is here to stay and it’s gradually becoming the present and the future of WordPress websites. Therefore, we’ve handpicked a collection of block themes to help you get started.

Read along to meet the best free Full Site Editing themes of the moment!
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