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Case Studies

Talking travel, photography and blogging with Déclic & des Claques

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Our case study series shows off the incredible work being done with WPZOOM themes. Today’s post is no exception: we sat down with Steven from French-language travel site Déclic & des claques.

As you’d expect from a travel site, Déclic & des claques uses a lot of images, and our Insight theme makes sure everything looks great.

Here’s our talk with Steven, on travel, running a travel blog and his take on how to do the same. Enjoy!

Déclic & des claques shares the story of your incredible travels! What’s the story behind your world trip?

Déclic & des claques was born with glass of wine in the hand. Like a bet: Can you follow me for a world tour? We wanted to discover the world, do something to never regret our youngness.

It is like a dream for a lot of people, and we wanted to make it happened for us.

So now, we are travellers for one year around the world.

Photography and video is a huge part of sharing your travels on your blog and on social media. What’s your approach to this?

Pia loves photography and I like to share our experience in video. I think video is an easy way and something not too intrusive for people to see where we are and what we do. It’s a good way for keeping contact and sharing our travel with family and friends. We have a lot of compliments about our production. Now we are happy to make people wanting to travel.

It’s a lot a work, but we are happy to have a project and a red line during this trip. With this blog, we can continue to have some small income during our travel.

What has been your favourite location so far?

It’s very difficult to answer to this question. We’ve had a lot of beautiful locations during our trip. But I can tell you that Myanmar and Sulawesi were special for us. We discovered places something a little bit out of the traditional touristic plan. Myanmar has only been opened for tourists for five years and it’s amazing to see a country where globalisation hasn’t changed everything: people are using their own traditional clothes, their own handmade cigarets, etc.

In Sulawesi (part of Indonesia) we were in the Toraja lands. There is a group who live in this area and who practice very special funeral rites. It was very interesting. In Sulawesi too, we also found a little paradise in the Togian Islands. It was like a postcard, like in our dreams!

Your site runs Insight to showcase your adventures, photography and video. How important has choosing the right theme been for your blog’s growth?

The most important for us was the place given to pictures. Insight was (and still is!) perfect for that.

Furthermore, all the important things have to be seen in the home page, and Insight offers this.

The big slider and all the widgets (like the big squares under the slider) show something special for the visual aspect. The travellers have to make people dream. What is better than a huge picture of a wonderful place for that?

Insight lets us use a lot of really useful widgets to promote our Instagram and YouTube accounts; everything is managed seamlessly.

What advice would you give to would-be travellers?

The first thing is: stop thinking about and do it!

Everybody can travel over long period. There are lots of way to travel.

A traveler is not a tourist: it doesn’t matter if you don’t see or visit everything in a country. Traveling is just a way of living, a way of understanding others’… way of living!

Take your time, talk to the locals and the most important: don’t make any plans!

Thanks for taking time out from your travels to talk to us, Steven! You can read Déclic & des claques or follow Steven’s adventures on Instagram and YouTube.

For more awesome case studies check out our case study category. If you’re doing great work with a WPZOOM theme and want us to feature you, get in touch.

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  • Wow. I was looking for a travel WordPress theme and never saw Insight before.
    The Déclic & des claques website is a great blog and will read to prepare my world trip ! Thanks for the case study Alex!

  • Very cool. I love this post. Thanks a lot for sharing