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Case Studies

Case Study: FeelGood

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One of the most rewarding things about building premium WordPress themes is seeing them used on real websites for real people and real businesses. With thousands of customers, we’re privileged to see our themes used on a hugely diverse set of websites and in some unique and innovative use-cases.

Our showcase is great for showing off some of the real-world uses of WPZOOM themes and the great customisations which have been done to those sites, but we wanted to go a little bit further and talk to some of the people who have customised WPZOOM themes for their businesses to really showcase what can be done with WPZOOM’s themes.

Ending hunger in a lifetime

FeelGood is a US-based volunteer youth movement committed to ending global hunger in their lifetime. Through their FeelGood Grilled Cheese Delis on college campuses, FeelGood raises money (over $1 million!) which is invested in organisations with a track record of success in tackling hunger.


FeelGood’s customised version of Vimes.

A web presence is obviously hugely important for an organisation such as FeelGood, as it allows them to get their message to a global audience much more easily. With their site rocking a customised version of our popular Vimes theme, they’ve got a great web presence.

Talis Apud-HendricksWhat makes FeelGood’s site so engaging is the mixture of engaging media — the bold images on the homepage get the charity and its key points across, whilst the videos on the site (and even their TEDx talk!) provide a really great way of communicating with visitors.

I talked to FeelGood co-founder Talis Apud-Hendricks a couple of questions about how their WPZOOM theme has enhanced their web presence.

Why did you choose your WPZOOM theme?
Because it has very pleasant home page, slider and it has a lot of flexibility in its inner pages to accomplish our content-hosting goals. Also, because it is very affordable and easy to manipulate.

How has FeelGood benefited from its (WPZOOM themed) website?
Beyond serving the purpose of a nice-looking regular website to help us communicate our mission and expand our work, we’ve been able to beautifully host our curriculum online as well as a lot of on-line resources for our community.

What’s been the best thing about your theme?
Its flexibility both in terms of design and content hosting. I’m already thinking of updating a few design elements to update our branding without having to build an entirely new website. It’s been great working with the WPZOOM theme!
A huge thank you to Talis for taking the time to talk to us — all of us at WPZOOM wish you and FeelGood all the best in the future.

If you’ve got an awesome WPZOOM powered site and story you’d like us to feature, drop us an email — we’d love to hear from you.

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