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10 Inspiring Sites Using WPZOOM Themes: Nov ’16 Edition

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From time to time we stumble across beautiful websites created using our themes, and we feel the need to share them with everyone of you. Seeing our themes being used on different websites for absolutely different uses than the one shown in the demo is a fantastic feeling. This proves that using some imagination you can easily adapt a niche-specific theme to something totally different.

Below are 10 hand-picked websites using WPZOOM themes from our Showcase:

1. Style Curator

Style Curator is an award winning Australian blog run by Gina Ciancio, who has a passion for interiors and home decor. On her blog you can also read about her journey of building and styling her dream home.


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2. Torigura

Japanese restaurant located in the Tokyo, using Delicio theme. The site uses Polylang plugin to make it available in two languages: Japanese and English.


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3. Bristol School of Animation

Bristol School of Animation features a simple site that uses Inspiro theme to show off their latest works.


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4. Who Arted?

Who Arted is a site with creative, fun and free ideas for families and classrooms. The site runs on Foodica theme and has a nice About page which was created with the help of this plugin.


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5. Viertel \ Vor

Viertel \ Vor is an online magazine run by Anna and Marcus. The site is in German, so it’s hard to tell what it is about, but most likely it is about lifestyle and different topics about environmental sustainability.


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6. Botanist

eCommerce website created using Inspiro theme. Botanist is the name of a brand that produces eco-friendly shampoo.


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7. Amanda Viaja

Another website in a different language, but this time it’s not difficult to guess that it’s a travel blog. This Foodica-powered blog written by Amanda Viaja features a homepage with a custom world map that was added using the Responsive Vector Maps plugin


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8. Of the Afternoon

Of the Afternoon is a print magazine and online platform for all that is inspiring in photography, art & visual culture. The site features a minimal design created using the Insight theme.


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9. A Modern Wayfarer

A beautiful travel-blog using Monte theme run by Stefanie Acworth who traveled in more than 45 countries.


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10. Optica Bidezabal

Optical Bidezabal is an eyeglass store from Spain that also sells online eyeglasses thanks to the WooCommerce integration in Inspiro theme.


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Which of these was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Do you also have a beautiful site created using a WPZOOM Theme?
Send us an email with a link to your website, and we’ll feature it in our Showcase.

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