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10 Inspiring Sites Using WPZOOM Themes: Mar ’17 Edition

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The first month of spring passed in the blink of an eye, but it brought more awesome websites created with our themes!

Scroll through the following selection of March and choose your favorite out of the 10 hand-picked websites using WPZOOM themes from our Showcase:

1. Moderando

Moderando is a lifestyle blog from Brazil and its name speaks for itself. It gathers various articles on how to live a more moderate life, covering fields like finance and personal development. Even the Foodica based design gives the first impression of less is more. We liked the idea of clean design, pastel color accents and how they replaced the slider with static content by using the Image Box widget. Looks neat!

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2. Romero and Braas

Inspiro is the most chosen theme when it comes to portfolios. Especially for videographers, due to the multi-functional video slider. So is the case for Romero and Braas — an inspirational mexican-german team producing TV shows, commercials and free-of-charge products for NGOs that want to make a difference in this world. Inspiro is the perfect fit for introducing their agency and showcasing their work with the use of static images combined with video snippets and other textual content.

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3. Chasing Departures

Meet the lovely travel blog of Niki —  dreamer, bookworm and traveler since childhood. Chasing Departures is the result of Niki’s passions that turn into adventures. She combined the minimalist look of Foodica with beautiful photos from amazing places from all over the world. The result turned out to be a catchy travel blog that captivates with the colorful destinations.

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4. Luca Lovisolo

This is probably the debut or our Presence theme among the monthly selections we’ve done so far. Luca Lovisolo is a freelance researcher in the field of law and international relations, based in southern Switzerland. He chose Presence to create a professional website used for publishing his opinions and research articles. What a good decision, isn’t it? The clean look of the theme and the images chosen by the author make the website look very professional. Plus, the built-in page builder was of big help for creating a custom layout for the homepage. 

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5. BeeYourself Media

Another nice example of a portfolio for videographers. This time we’re talking about the BeeYourself Media agency. Their website is Inspiro based with a touch of yellow. Really clean, minimalist and straight to the point.

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6. La Torture Fringante

Even though the title of the blog implies a “torture”, the blog itself looks pretty cute. Actually, it is a vegetarian recipes blog that is against animal torture, hence the naming. Elodie — the owner and author of the blog — used the most basic features of Foodica: big centered logo, simple main menu style and a listed layout of the latest posts. This kind of layout makes scrolling through the content much easier and enhances the featured images of the posts. They look very yummy, by the way!

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7. WorldWatch Monitor

WorslWatch Monitor is a platform that aims to inform the world about acts of violence and injustice against Christians around the world under pressure for their faith. The website gathers various articles on this sensible topic and our Compass theme is used to create an easy-to-use content hierarchy. 

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8. Papes Gemuesegarten

Papes Gemuesegarten is about history and traditions that are 600 years old. How cool is that? Mareike and Olaf are a couple of enthusiasts that provide the Braunschweig region from Germany with fresh vegetables, fruits and not only. Their dedication can be followed on their blog which is, by the way, a slightly customized version of Foodica. The website looks fresh, just like their farm grown products. Really inspiring, don’t you think?

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9. Newberry House

It’s the first time when Capital is part of our monthly selection. That is because the Newberry House website is a very good example of an organizational website — a school, more precisely. The details are those that matter most and in this case, it’s the dark green corporate color that does the trick of unifying all the content into a whole. Also, the theme provides all the kinds of sections for highlighting the necessary content for a school website.

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10. Barbara Joubert

Barbara Joubert is a food writer, recipe developer, stylist and professional caterer with over 30 years experience in the catering and journalism industries. What brought this website to our attention is how they used the Image Box widget under the main slideshow from the homepage: one column and then other three columns under it. This is unusual but it’s a good example of how to achieve an original look with the already built-in theme features. Also, the three columned post grid from the homepage gives a super arranged look to the page and makes the absence of the sidebar unnoticeable. It seems that Foodica rocked it one more time!

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Which one is your favorite this month? Let us know in the comments.

If you also have a beautiful site created using a WPZOOM Theme send us an email with a link to your website, and we’ll feature it in our Showcase.

We frequently post new websites on Instagram, so if you’re seeking for some inspiration, make sure to follow @WPZOOM!

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    Thank you for quoting my site in your article! You actually cited the German language version, which is not yet really complete. Maybe you can change to the Italian language version (which has a different domain:, in which we used the potential of Presence even more deeply. Anyway, choose your preferred one!

    Have a nice weekend.

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