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10 Inspiring Sites Using WPZOOM Themes: Jun ’17 Edition

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June was hot and so are these new websites from our customers selected for your inspiration. This month, we chose some top-notch portfolios, online magazines, and personal blogs.

Scroll through the following selection and choose your favorite out of the 10 hand-picked websites using WPZOOM themes from our Showcase:

1. Ivory Productions

Ivory Productions is an international film production company based in Munich, Germany. Their awesome portfolio website is based on our Inspiro theme. It’s actually a one-page website, intended to introduce their video portfolio and other details about the team. We love how they adjusted the homepage gallery to rectangle thumbnails, to match the aspect ratio of their videos. Looks neat!

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2. The Naturalista

The Naturalista is the blog of Xochi — a holistic wellness author and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She hopes to inspire people to live a more balanced and healthy life, therefore the idea of a blog. Foodica perfectly suits the intentions of the blogger by offering room for food recipes as well as some secret treats for the soul.  Also, Xochi uses the website to promote her book which carries the same name as the blog.

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3. The Wanton

The Wanton is an online magazine based on a slightly customized and very colorful version of our Domino Magazine theme. The team behind this project is engaged in delivering absolutely authentic content in the form of interviews, articles and reportages. Since they cover lots of fields of interest, it’s important to optimize the great ammount of content. This is where the theme proves its efficiency by providing different types of content displaying widgets and a widgetized homepage for maximum flexibility.

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4. Michael Shainblum Photography

Inspiro rocks the selection of this month! The amazing timelapses and photography of Michael Shainblum are absolutely compatible with the theme, resulting in a delightful treat to the eyes. There is no doubt that the website visitors will become fans at the first sight. Also, the artist uses the gallery widget right below the homepage slider to keep a continuous flow of images that represent his work.

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5. James Flores Music Studio

James Flores is one of our loyal customers and recently he has created a website for promoting his music studio. The James Flores Music Studio website is built with our Presence theme and its minimalist layout helps to deliver all of the essential information in a clean manner. Also, James managed to transform the slider of Presence into a static one, so it looks more like a hero header — another proof of how flexible the theme is.

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6. Toyota Owners Magazine

Even though Insight is usually used for travel blogs, the Toyota Owners Magazine breaks the habit by using the theme for their online magazine. The website is pretty complex, structured into different sections intended to feed the interest of all of the Toyota fans and to create the widest online community around the Toyota brand.

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7. Marlene Koch

Meet Marlene Koch — registered dietitian nutritionist, culinary expert and bestselling author of cookbooks. The developers of the website took full advantage of the widgetized layout of the theme, thus creating a very customized version of the homepage. The main purpose is clear from the first glance — to promote and sell Marlene’s book. But also, the website gathers recipes, a blog and serves as a bridge to getting in contact with the author. The result speaks for itself — a multifunctional and branded website. Foodica did it again! No wonder it’s among the favorites for food blogs (and not only!).

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8. Reconsider News

Reconsider News is an online news aggregator, intended to provide objective and realistic news, opposed to the media manipulation that is happening around the world. The website uses a slightly modified version of Domino Magazine and is a good example of how a different and modern look can be achieved with only some color and font customizations. In this particular case, it’s important to have great content, but the good looking website is also a checkpoint to consider when creating a trustful source of information.

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9. Jamie Solorio

Long time, no Tempo! Here is a very nice example of a minimalist photography portfolio of Jamie Solorio.  The theme seems to be the perfect fit for her commercial photography website. Moreover, the masonry layout provides a general outlook of the photographer’s style and at the same time, each photo can be analyzed as an individual piece with all of its details.

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10. Lola Akinmade

Lola Akinmade is a multi-award winning Nigerian photographer, travel writer and storyteller based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her website is an excellent example of how photography and travel stories can become heart-touching testimonies from each corner of the earth and experiences that turn into priceless memories. Slightly customized, the website represents an uncommon use of Inspiro. Even though it is filled with amazing photos, the main focus is on the blog section, thus emphasizing the stories behind the images.

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It’s tough to choose only one favorite, but still, what do you think is the winner of this month? Let us know in the comments. 

If you also have a beautiful site created using a WPZOOM Theme send us an email with a link to your website, and we’ll feature it in our Showcase.

We frequently post new websites on Instagram, so if you’re seeking for some inspiration, make sure to follow @WPZOOM!

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