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6 Top WordPress Opt-In Solutions to Help Build Your Email List


“The money is in the list.”

Maybe you’ve heard that aphorism before. In fact, maybe you’ve heard so many times your ears bleed every time you hear it again.

In any case, getting your site’s visitors onto your email list is simply good business, as nearly any successful digital marketer will tell you.

In order to do that with a WordPress site, you need to find an outside solution to help you get those visitors to opt in to your list.

Below we’ll go over 6 of the most popular and reputable opt-in plugins/service on the market today.

A number of them are paid solutions. A few of them have limited free options available. And one is straight up free from beginning to end.

Top WordPress Opt-In Solutions to Build Your Email List

Lets’ start there. (Other than that, these are in no special order.)

1. OptinMonster


The OptinMonster plugin is a popular plugin that comes with a number of themes and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for customizations.

It comes with five different types of forms:

  1. Pop up
  2. After a post
  3. Footer bar
  4. Slide-in
  5. Sidebar

Pop ups and slide-in modules can be triggered in various ways: after time spent on a page, after scrolling down a certain percentage of the page, after clicking on links, when a user attempts to exit a page, etc.

With OptinMonster you can both target a specific page or category for an opt-in form.

This plugin also comes with A/B testing. And it can also be used as a regular pop up in addition to a pop up with an opt-in form.

The plugin integrates with a large number of the major email service providers.


OptinMonster comes in three different price levels: $49/year, $99/year, $199/year. You can also pay for it month by month, but that comes out much more expensive.

2. Ninja Popups


The Ninja Popups plugin is both an opt-in plugin and a “regular” popup plugin. In other words, you can use it for opt-ins, but you can also use it to pop up other things such as a Facebook Likebox or an advertisement for something.

This plugin come with a number of themes (about 17 at present count), but a number of those themes are not for opt-in forms. They are for other things like an ad popup, etc. You can buy more themes for the plugin at a price of $6.

In addition, you can customize the popups as you like.

As this plugin is a popup plugin, you cannot insert it inline into your content; however, you can buy an addon plugin that will let you do that.

You can set the Ninja popup to appear after a certain amount of time, when someone clicks on a link, when the visitor scrolls a certain percentage down the page, or when the visitor attempts to exit.

It integrates with a number of the major email service providers.


The price for the Ninja Popup is $21. This includes six months of support. Lifetime updates are included in the $21 price, however.

If you buy addon plugins, such as extra themes or inline widgets, they run about $6-7.

4. Bloom


The Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes is a robust opt-in solution that offers you a number of nice features.

While it comes with over 100 templates, many of those are simply variation on a theme. In other words, you have a number of different basic styles, and then those style come templated with different colors.

In addition, however, you can also customize those templates to get colors and text that match the style you’re looking for.

With the Bloom plugin, you can target specific categories, pages, or posts.

The opt-ins come in different forms. You can place them inline (that is, in your content or sidebar itself), or you can have them pop up or fly in at different times.

In addition, you can do A/B testing with Bloom to determine which is the best opt-in form for you. The plugin comes with a stats panel for easy viewing.

The Bloom plugin integrates with a large number of the major email service providers.


The Bloom plugin cannot be bought as an individual item. You have the choice of paying $89/yr and getting all of Elegant Theme’s plugins and themes, or you can pay a one-time fee of $249 for all of their plugins and themes.

4. Hello Bar


The Hello Bar comes in four different types of apps:

  1. a bar at the top or bottom of your page
  2. a popup
  3. a slider – comes in from the corners
  4. a splash page – takes over page

You can do more than simply collect email addresses with this plugin/service. You can also direct people to other links, get Facebook likes, or simply promote an ad.

While there isn’t a ton of customization that can be done in the different types of apps, each has enough customization to make things pop or match your site, whichever you prefer.

In the bar app, for example, you can change the background color, the text color, and the button color. As there isn’t a lot to the bar to begin with, that actually changes a lot. On other apps, such as the popup, you can change certain colors (like text and button) but not others (like the background – it stays white).

The different apps have different controls when it comes to controlling when they trigger, such as after a certain amount of time or when a user reaches a certain point on the page.

One thing that makes this plugin different from many others is the splash page feature. The splash page takes over the complete screen, and so there’s no way a visitor can ignore it.

The Hello Bar integrates with a number of the major email service providers.


The Hello Bar comes in several different tiers:

Free – This is limited, of course, and branded. In addition, it will show ads for the Hello Bar itself instead of your own opt-in form to 10% of your visitors, which for some may be quite a turnoff.

$15/mo ($12 per month for yearly payments) – This version is unbranded and has a few more features than the free version. If you have a very highly trafficked site, however, then it will begin to cost more after you’ve hit the 250,000 mark.

$99/mo ($83 per month for yearly payments) – This gives you all the benefits of the lower tier plus unlimited traffic and enterprise integration.

5. Sumo


Sumo is more than just an opt-in solution. It comes with options for analytics and sharing as well, but the email part of it is somewhat sequestered away from the other parts, and so you can pay for only that if you want to go pro. (There’s a free option too.)

With SumoMe you get four different types of apps:

  1. a popup
  2. a slide box – comes into bottom corner
  3. a “smart bar” – stays at top or bottom of page
  4. a splash page – takes over entire screen

SumoMe comes with a number of different templates; however, if you go the free route, you only have access to one.

That said, there is still an editor that will allow you to make some customizations even if you’re not a premium member.

The different forms can be triggered by a number of things, such as time on the page or after a certain amount of the page has been scrolled past. However, there is no form that will embed directly into a page with this plugin.

In addition to having people opt in to your list, you can also get them to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

SumoMe is able to integrate with a large number of the major email service providers.


SumoMe has a free version that is limited in certain ways and also branded with their logo. A pro version costs $40/mo. (You can also get their whole suite of apps for $100/mo.)

6. LeadPages


LeadPages is much more than an opt-in solution. They really specialize in landing pages of all types: for webinars, for videos, for sales, etc.

That said, a large component of LeadPages’ business is about helping you get opt-ins.

The service comes with a large number of templates, but some of those are for things other than opt-in forms (as mentioned). There are still plenty of opt-in solutions, however, and you can also customize these templates as you like.

LeadPages forms can be set to appear after a visitor clicks on a link or an image, when a visitor starts to leave a page, or after a certain amount of time on a page.

This service integrates with a large number of the most popular email service providers. 


There are three levels to LeadPages’ pricing:

  • $37/mo
  • $67/mo
  • $199/mo

You can get each level for a cheaper per-month price if you pay in advance for one or two years.

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  • Hi Joe thanks for great tutorial. There are tons of great email service providers out there, so how can we decide, which email service provider should we use?

  • Thanks for the round-up Joe. Trying to choose a provider now — since you’ve already tested them out, it’d be nice to get your “off the fence” opinion on which one is worth starting out with. Cheers