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28 Best WordPress Designers from DeviantArt

Last updated on by 25 comments

While I was looking today on deviantart.com for some inspiration, I have found a lot of wonderful WordPress Designs. You can enjoy here some of the best and unique WordPress Designs. Some of them have and live preview, but most are only design, without CSS. Continue Reading →

Design, Icons

10+ WordPress Wallpapers, Icons & Logos

Last updated on by 14 comments

This article is dedicated to everyone who want to show their appreciation for WordPress.
A set of 4 Wallpapers and some types of WordPress Logos, Buttons & Icons. Continue Reading →

Design, WordPress Themes Sets

10 WordPress Themes designed for Photo Galleries

Last updated on by 54 comments

Here is a list of nice blog themes for wordpress designed for Photo Galleries. I collect it for your, because many bloggers prefer photoblogs. You can use these themes to provide your own CSS Gallery or gallery from your photos. Continue Reading →


Tips to protect your WordPress blog

Last updated on by 22 comments

Many of blogs based on WordPress have been hacked. To avoid the hackersame disaster from happening to your own blog, you can try the tips below to make your WordPress blog more secure, at least from the view of script kiddies. Continue Reading →

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