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Best Free WordPress Themes in 2008

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 34 comments

Now when is the end of the year, I decided to look through Collections of WordPress Themes for this year, and to choose the ones I liked most.

So I decided to declare 15 of them as The Best Free WordPress Themes in 2008. The criteria for selection were simple, and among them I can enumerate: Continue Reading →

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WordPress: More Than A Blog Platform (part 1)

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 25 comments

Internet is unimaginable without this WordPress, which makes writing and publishing articles on-line in a easiest way, because it is very simple and user-friendly, thing that contributed to its development in several directions.

The next series of articles I proposed to bring in the spotlight different ways of using the WordPress, bringing examples, resources, like themes and various tutorials. Continue Reading →


20 WordPress Rockstars to read and follow

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 57 comments

WordPress Rockstar? For many this expression is often attributed with Adriaan Pienaar, who is also named in WordPress community Adii Rockstar or WordPress Rockstar. Maybe he fully deserves this title, but I have proposed in this article to enumerate all those who contribute greatly to the development of WordPress, through various methods: from the creation of themes or plugins, to providing tutorials and articles for whole WordPress community.

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Examples of using flash elements in WordPress Blogs & Themes

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 9 comments

Many times designers are using flash elements in their blogs to make them more attractive. To obtain this result, all you need to do is to use a plugin, such as WP Flash Titles, which allows you to customize your headlines as you want. But for those with less knowledge, there is always a solution. And this solution is using themes already created by someone else, who have implemented flash elements . You can find these themes at the end of the article, even if they are few. Continue Reading →

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10 WordPress Themes for iPhone fans

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 18 comments

Are you an owner or a fan of the iPhone? You want to have a personalized theme with this phone? Then I invite you to admire this article which contains a collection of 10 WordPress Themes specially created for iPhone fans.
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