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First 2010 Bite

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 2 comments

While many of you are still enjoying winter vacation, we decided to launch a new theme before we can do the same thing as you.

Our new theme Business Bite is our first theme developed for WordPress 2.9 (also compatible with 2.8), and it supports the new “Post Thumbnail” feature, and you are able to add or change any image you want to be shown as a thumbnail in the Featured Slider. Continue Reading →

Upcoming Themes, WPZOOM

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010!

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 5 comments

This year was successful for WPZOOM Team (me & Dumitru), without doubt. After looking at the chart below, we can honestly say that we are proud of the way we developed this project and still continue doing this day by day. Besides our sales growth we have a lot of other things we are proud of and here are some other big achievements of this year: Continue Reading →


WPZOOM’s Specials for Christmas & New Year

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 17 comments

Christmas and New Year are almost here, and we, the WPZOOM Team, are ready to celebrate these holidays! As all of you know, we have the habit of offering you the greatest specials on every holiday!

And here is what we prepared for you this time: Continue Reading →


Establish your online presence with our new free theme

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 11 comments

The 13th theme arrived today on our virtual shelves. Many of you wouldn’t say this is an unlucky number. Curious why? Because this is our 2nd theme released for FREE and can be downloaded right away!
Our new theme is called Profile Theme and suits perfectly your “business card” like website (available in 3 different color styles).
Continue Reading →


WPZOOM Black Friday 50% Sale

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 7 comments

Being a part of a huge community like WordPress with a lot of members from United States, we decided to celebrate together with them Thanksgiving and to offer to everyone a special offer for Black Friday. Continue Reading →