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Examples of using flash elements in WordPress Blogs & Themes

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 9 comments

Many times designers are using flash elements in their blogs to make them more attractive. To obtain this result, all you need to do is to use a plugin, such as WP Flash Titles, which allows you to customize your headlines as you want. But for those with less knowledge, there is always a solution. And this solution is using themes already created by someone else, who have implemented flash elements . You can find these themes at the end of the article, even if they are few. Continue Reading →

WordPress Themes Sets

10 WordPress Themes for iPhone fans

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 18 comments

Are you an owner or a fan of the iPhone? You want to have a personalized theme with this phone? Then I invite you to admire this article which contains a collection of 10 WordPress Themes specially created for iPhone fans.
Continue Reading →

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21 Sets of Free Social Bookmarking Icons for Your Blog

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 113 comments

There are a lot of sites specialized on icons, but I didn’t found on any of them what I really was looking for while I was making the new design of WPZOOM.

I searched everywhere on Internet, and in the end I chose icons from Function, icons that I saw before on new design of PSDTUTS, which I liked a lot. The rest sets with collections of social bookmarking icons that I found, you can see below and I hope you will find your favorite to include them in your blog. Continue Reading →

Design, WordPress Themes Sets

Using WordPress as a Portfolio: Examples & Themes (15+)

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 90 comments

Some time ago I published an article for those passionate about photography. But today I decided to collect some themes for those who wish to publish his Portfolio on-line through WordPress.

Below are 15 WordPress Portfolio Themes to choose one in case you want to launch Portfolio online. Continue Reading →


Creative Examples of WordPress Themes Modifications

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 97 comments

We know well that everyone wish to have a WordPress Theme more personalized and unique . But what to do in case we can’t create new themes? Very simply: modify an already existing theme. Even I have gone to this method on my personal blog, transforming Dilectio theme created by Design Disease, which I liked very much and I changed a little header and background. Continue Reading →