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WP Themes

Should Premium Themes Automatically Renew Licenses? Data from Thousands of Theme Sales

Written by Alex Denning on 8 comments

When we first started selling WordPress themes in 2009 it was industry best-practice to offer “lifetime” support and updates. At the time everyone selling WordPress themes was offering unlimited support requests and updates and we were happy to do the same.

All was well for a couple of years, but eventually questions about sustainability started: if you purchased a WordPress theme once for $60, is it a fair deal to both parties to offer unlimited support requests and significant updates for years to come? As popular themes started receiving huge updates years after their original release, questions about sustainability started arising.

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New Themes

Meet Balance — Our New Minimalist WooCommerce Theme

Written by Ina Morosanu on 1 comment

Long time, no eCommerce? With our new theme Balance things are about to change. Even though most of our themes are WooCommerce ready, Balance is here to make a revolution. Lots of features with a minimalist design — we bet this is what you are looking for your online shop or business.

Balance is a flexible and feature-rich theme designed to wow shoppers. Its unique product grid and impactful white space call attention to your products. Powerful enough for any size of inventory, Balance can be tailored to suit any emerging or established brand.

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Case Studies

10 Inspiring Sites Using WPZOOM Themes: Feb ’17 Edition

Written by Ina Morosanu on 2 comments

As you’re already used with our monthly selection of best websites created with WPZOOM themes, we can’t wait for you to discover the selection for February.

See below for yourselves and choose your favorite out of the following 10 hand-picked websites using WPZOOM themes from our Showcase:

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WP Themes

Here’s why using pirated and nulled WordPress themes is a terrible idea

Written by Alex Denning on 12 comments

Why using pirated WordPress themes & nulled WordPress themes is a terrible idea
Choosing the right WordPress theme is exceptionally important: the right theme can make a site, and vice versa for the wrong theme.

The best WordPress themes are typically premium themes. We’ve been making WordPress themes for the last eight years, so we can attest to the extra value packed into premium themes – and also the huge amount of time it takes to develop a single WordPress theme. Continue Reading →


We made a WordPress page builder, scrapped it, and here’s what we learned

Written by Alex Denning on 14 comments

Two and a half years is a long time in WordPress. We’ve seen nine major releases, huge new trends emerging, and big technological changes that will power the next decade of WordPress growth.

It’s also been two and a half years since we launched ZOOM Builder, our WordPress page builder.

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