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Gutenberg Tip #4: How to Quickly Insert Blocks Using Slashes

Gutenberg: How to Insert Blocks Using Slashes

Gutenberg comes packed with several blocks that can be used for creating pages or posts. All of the blocks can be found by clicking on the “+” sign at the top-left corner or within the editor. They are grouped in several categories and each block has its own name.

At first, adding blocks manually will let you know what each of them does.  Afterward, while there is also a search field available — which can significantly improve the speed of writing a post — we have an even better trick so that you won’t have to interrupt your creative flow. Simply type /block name (e.g. /quote, /youtube, /gallery) and hit the Enter key. This will make the default paragraph block transform into the one you need.

Adding Recipe Ingredients block from Recipe Card Blocks via slashes

BONUS TIP: The most recently used blocks will appear on the right side of each paragraph block. Click on the corresponding icon and the type of the block will change.

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In the example above you can see our Foodica theme which is fully compatible with Gutenberg, just like all of our 40+ WordPress Premium Themes.

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