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How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website With Goodreviews

Goodreviews: Add Google Reviews to Your Website

Any business worth their salt knows the importance of honest and decent reviews. Many of our customers use Google My Business to help showcase their business locality, updates, and, of course, reviews.

Reviews build trust, the first thing many do is look for a review of a business, they need answers to their questions, they’re looking for feedback to ensure a product/service is right for them.

How Do You Display Google Reviews on Your Website?

Thanks to Goodreviews, you could be up and running in minutes. Goodreviews empowers website owners with the ability to showcase Google user reviews on your blog/website. Helping you build trust with your visitors and offering more insight into your business.

Getting set up on Goodreviews is easy, no WordPress plugin is needed, and a code snippet is all that’s required. One less plugin to worry about.

Setting up Goodreviews for Your Website

The process is super simple, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. It’s worth noting that Good Reviews offers one month for free when using its service.

Once you’ve signed up, you will see the above welcome page—clear instructions from the get-go.

It’s Here You Can:

  • Choose the plan that’s right for you.
  • Connect your Google My Business account.
  • Add Good Reviews as a manager of your Google My Business Account with instructions on how to do that. 
  • Install the review script so you can display Google Reviews. 

The Dashboard Dashboard In Goodreviews

Let’s take a quick look at the dashboard. You can see the total number of engagements, how many new reviews you’ve received, leave review clicks, the number of reviews read, and a handy graph, comparing reviews by year.

Widget Settings

Widget settings in Goodreviews

The next section deals with settings for the widget, such as placement, device display, and functionality, or level of functionality.

  • Placement On Your website:- Choices are Bottom left or Bottom right.
  • What Devices To Show On:- Choose from all, Desktop Only, Mobile & Tablet Only.
  • Level Of Functionality:- Either Full Functionality or See Reviews only. This means users cannot click to be taken to your Google My Business page to leave a review.

Adding Goodreviews To Your Website

In the widget settings section we’ve just covered, you’ll notice the code snippet in the black box. All you have to do is copy that code and paste it.

In your WPZOOM theme options, navigate to custom code and paste the snippet Goodreviews provides, preferably in the footer, see below for an example.

pasting code

That’s all you need to do. Once pasted, click save all changes.

User Settings / Billing & Subscription

Standard stuff, no point in showing you a screenshot, the User Settings displays account holder information, email, password, and the linked Google My Business accounts. Useful if you need to change accounts at a later date.

As you’d expect, the billing section displays the current plan you’re on, invoices, card details, .etc.

Example of Goodreviews in Action

It’s at this point you’d like to see Goodreviews in action? Well, it just so happens, we have an example for you and using one of our flagship WordPress themes Inspiro no less.

Looks good, right? We mean Inspiro (shameless plug!) if you want to see Goodreviews in action, take a look at Salon “Ana Ciorici.” The widget works on a rotational basis, so it flicks through the reviews left on your Google My Business page.

Goodreviews in action

Take a look at the above if you’d like; as a visitor, it stands out undoubtedly. A question gets answered, how good are the services Salon “Ana Ciorici” offers?

Logic would dictate that if a visitor comes to your website and sees the reviews left by customers, they’re more likely to buy-in. Thanks to Goodreviews, it’s precisely what visitors to your site can see, helping them decide to buy your services/products.

Pricing for Goodreviews

There are three different pricing packages for Goodreviews, see below for costs:

Each package offers a range of features, full support is given for all three on offer, either by phone, email or chat. So you’re never far away from help if you need it.

Coupled with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and for the environmentalist in you, Goodreviews will plant one tree a month on your behalf. Find out more about their environmental approach here.

In Summary

Using Goodreviews can help your conversion rates, showing proof that your business is as good as you make it out to be. It’s not going to break the bank in terms of cost, and for a minimal outlay, it could help you attract new business and win new customers.

Super simple to use, and you could be set up and winning new business in minutes.

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