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How to Create a Photography Portfolio in WordPress

WordPress Photography Portfolio

We would like to share with you a very easy way to create a WordPress Photography Portfolio, no matter what theme you’re using.

Recently, we have discovered the Easy Photography Portfolio plugin and it’s already one of our favorite plugins and a must-have for photographers and other creatives.

Even if you already have a photography website or a photography WordPress theme, this plugin will be a great addition, as it will help you create a separate portfolio with a professional look, so you can keep your blog posts separately.

Let’s take our Tempo theme for example:

It’s a great WordPress photography theme, but since the galleries are created from blog posts, this theme may be more suitable for Photo Bloggers or Travel Bloggers, but not so much for those wanting to create a static photography portfolio.

Thankfully, that can be quickly solved using the Easy Photography Portfolio plugin.

Install & Configure Easy Photography Portfolio Plugin

Once you’ve installed and activated the Easy Photography Portfolio plugin, a new Portfolio page will be automatically created by the plugin. Please keep in mind that if you already have a Portfolio page, then the plugin will try to use it.

Your Portfolio page (yourwebsite.com/portfolio) will probably look like this by default:

On the plugin settings page (Portfolio > Portfolio Settings) you can also make different changes, like assigning a different page to be the Portfolio page or changing what content this page will be showing.

Above are highlighted some important options which you may want to change, especially the Wrapper CSS Classes, in case the layout of the Portfolio page in your theme doesn’t look right. Depending on what theme you’re using, probably it will be best to ask your theme author for the right CSS class to insert there.

Add Portfolio Entries

Now that everything is correctly configured, let the fun begin and start creating new Portfolio entries to fill that portfolio with content.

As you can see from the screenshot above, this plugin works great with the Gutenberg editor as well.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a section called Photography Portfolio with a button that lets you upload images to create a gallery. You can upload or select multiple images from your library and insert all of them at once, so there is no need to do it manually for each image.

Once you created several Portfolio entries, you will get a beautiful Portfolio page with a masonry layout showing your galleries.

You can view a live example in the demo website of the Tempo theme.

More than just a Photography Portfolio

Easy Photography Portfolio is so simple and great, that with little imagination you can easily use it on your website as a professional portfolio even if you’re not a photographer. For example, if you’re a makeup artist or an event organizer, the plugin is great for showcasing your works.

I also used it on my wife’s website, who is a makeup artist and wanted a nice gallery to display her works.

In case you’re wondering, she is using our Velure theme on her website.

Looking for Photography Themes for WordPress?

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