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Best Websites Created with WPZOOM Themes in 2018

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December is the most appropriate month to sum up the year, make conclusions and create a list of plans for the new one. We’re always impressed and proud of the creativity of our customers, especially of those who like to go the extra mile and create something different by using WPZOOM themes as a base.

This is why we have decided to praise the most creative ones and maybe inspire those who don’t have a website yet with the following selection.

1. Cristina Urso

Cristina Urso is a Spanish wardrobe stylist and what a better way to showcase this type of work than through video content? Her website contains commercials she has created the wardrobe concept for and is built with Inspiro. We were delighted to see how the theme was used, from the auto-playing video slider to the video thumbnails that play on mouse hover. Also, the styling of the sidebar gives a personal touch to the website. Overall, the website ended up being an interactive, yet minimalist portfolio.

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2. Where To

Where To is an Australian online city guide that helps people discover the best experiences in locations like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They use our VideoBox theme to share the best offerings from bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants by publishing daily content on the latest happenings from the locations they cover. This is where the widgetized layout of the theme was of great help. As it can be seen from the first look, a very distinctive aspect of the website is the modified version of the slider which integrates Facebook embedded videos. What an interesting approach. We love how it looks!

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3. Taste of Home Roast

Taste of Home Roast is a subscription-based website for… coffee! How cool is that? The website makes great use of our Insight theme and is a very good example of a one-page website. Its structure has been customized for displaying all the info about the coffee, types of coffee available for purchase and blog posts with coffee pairings suggestions and recipes.

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4. Wolf Retail Solutions

Wolf Retail Solutions is an American company that provides retail services to merchandise businesses. Their website is a very customized version of Inspiro, but the video slider can’t be confused. They state that one of their goals is to deliver the best experience for customers. Indeed, with such a minimalist yet very informative website, we get the vibe that they provide services with their customers’ needs in mind.

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5. On Point Video Productions

On Point Video Productions is a Canadian team specialized in corporate video production with over 50 years of experience. They have used our Inspiro theme as a base to create their website and tell the story of their company. Of course, the website also serves as a portfolio of featured projects and the services the team provides. Without doubts, the video slider from the homepage is on point and helps tell a visual story about how good the company is in the video production field.

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6. Road to Sport

Road to Sport is a Polish team guided by the passion for sports that organizes trips to tournaments, camps, friendly matches, and any other sports events. Their website uses the Inspiro theme and it’s very nicely customized and adapted for the brand. Another example that even though it’s a portfolio theme, it can be used for business websites. We especially liked the unusual placement of the logo on the right and the very clear arrangement of the provided services under the homepage slider. Plus, the footer is like we’ve never seen it before — white.

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7. Skaftfell

Skaftfell is a visual art center with the essential role of presenting, discoursing and encouraging the development of contemporary art from Iceland. The website of the center keeps visitors and artists up to date with the latest news about exhibitions and other activities. It seems that our Capital theme was a great choice for these purposes and the column styled layout is very favorable for organizing the content from the homepage. Also, the calendar integrated with the theme provides information about the ongoing and upcoming events at the center.

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8. Vinopedia

Vinopedia is a Spanish video blog intended to provide detailed information in a simple form about the process of winemaking. Our VideoBox theme used on the website is a great choice for delivering video episodes about the captivating journey of wine production.

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9. Dubbelbourgondisch

Dubbelbourgondisch is a Dutch food blog created by Arjan and Tim from a shared passion: cooking. Their delicious recipes are delivered on this Foodica-based website, by using the standard features of the theme. This website is a good example that with some color and fonts customizations one can achieve something very different and personalized.

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10. PMSM

PMSM Architects in an American architecture company with over 100 years of experience. Their minimalist website created with Inspiro showcases the wonderful projects they have built over time. Even though the header and the slider have been modified and some styling changes were also implemented, the basic portfolio features of the theme are used conveniently.

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Best WPZOOM Theme in 2018?

Undoubtedly, video content remained to be king this year and our customers seem to have kept a good pace with this trend. We also did our best to provide the best features for video themes. It’s easy to notice that Inspiro is one of our most popular themes. We made sure to continue making it better by updating it 20 times this year, some of them with significative changes. It is considered to be a powerful portfolio theme which brings a lot of features adapted to the needs of creatives from different fields and we’ve got some gorgeous websites as proof.

We can’t wait to see what you will be creating in 2019 and don’t forget that our themes are the best partner in crime for that.

Happy New Year ????! 

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