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5 Myths About Page Speed

Written by Maria Ansari on in News 0 comments

Many site owners make the mistake of associating a high-performance grade with great site speed. It doesn’t help that there are many myths and misconceptions about page speed.

In reality, if you want to build a fast website, you need to optimize it for SEO, improve its user experience, and increase conversions. All these factors are unaffected by how high your site is graded on a page speed testing tool.

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How to Customize Sections (Posts, Pages, Archives) in a WPZOOM Theme Using Elementor PRO’s Theme Builder

Written by Maria Ansari on in Tutorials 0 comments

Out of the box, WordPress food themes (like Gourmand) are visually appealing, feature-rich, and incredibly flexible. You can expect to find all sorts of sections, elements, and widgets on it such as featured recipes, opt-in forms, author boxes, the latest recipes, and much more.

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How to Optimize Core Web Vitals for Food Blogs

Written by Maria Ansari on in News 2 comments

Google’s 2021 algorithm update will factor in page experience as a ranking signal. This means that if your food blog’s user experience suffers, your ranking in SERPs could drop. There are a number of elements that decide the quality of the page experience. These include core web vitals, responsiveness, safe browsing, and non-intrusive interstitials.

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How to Create a WordPress Membership Website

Written by Maria Ansari on in Tutorials 0 comments

If you’re an online course instructor or business owner, you can create a membership website to build a community and generate recurring income. Offering access to exclusive content based on a membership model is a great way to encourage people to try out your offering.

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Recipe Card Blocks vs WP Recipe Maker: A 4 Step Comparison

Written by Maria Ansari on in Plugins 0 comments

If you’re running a food blog or share recipes with readers, you’ll need a recipe card plugin to ensure your recipes are formatted properly, show up in SERPs, and are printable. Two of the most popular choices for WordPress recipe card plugins are Recipe Card Blocks vs WP Recipe Maker.

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