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WPZOOM Themes – Now with 1-Click Updates

Written by Ina Morosanu on in News 6 comments

Big news!¬†ūüéČ

We’ve released the¬†1.8 version¬†of ZOOM Framework and it is ready to get your WPZOOM experience to another level. As we¬†announced a while ago, we have switched to another licensing platform and with this framework update, we made it possible to finally provide automatic 1-click theme updates. No more fuss with updating your theme manually!
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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Ads

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Once you already have a blog with good and original content, constant readers and even a community created around it, it might be an excellent idea to start monetizing it. At least, it would be a proper way to get a revenue for maintaining the blog in terms of domain and hosting expenses. Although, it’s no news that nowadays blogging has become¬†a full-time job for many content creators.¬†

From our experience, many of the pre-sale inquiries involve questions regarding¬†the possibility of integrating ads within our themes.¬†Since the ad integration seems to be one of the factors that influence the decision of whether using a certain theme or not, we’ve created this exhaustive guide on how ads can be used within WordPress themes.

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14 Best Travel Blog Themes for WordPress

Written by Ina Morosanu on in WP Themes 2 comments

Travelling is one of the best hobbies that we know of and what a greater way of documenting trips or gathering memories than a travel blog? Fortunately, nowadays it’s pretty easy to set up a blog. One of the steps into it would be to pick the right design for it.

Choosing the right theme for a blog can be time-consuming. Having an experience of almost 10 years with the WordPress themes industry, we’ve got our eyes (and not only¬†ūüí™) trained and can easily notice a good theme which stands out from the multiple choices on the market. That is, you can rely on the below list and choose the theme that will make your travel blog stand out.

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20+ Best WordPress Magazine Themes for 2018

Written by Ina Morosanu on in WP Themes 8 comments

How do you navigate the dense, and often confusing, world of WordPress, themes, and plugins, to choose the right match for your site? We’ve been working with WordPress for the last 10+ years, so know what to look for. We’ve done the hard work for you, picking 20+ of the best WordPress magazine themes for 2017.

Indeed, print is not dead, but we can’t ignore the continuously growing number of online magazines and newspapers. The advantages of “moving” news online are countless, not to mention that first of all it’s really cost efficient.¬†Considering the speed of information nowadays, the variety of online magazines justifies itself within different niches: tech, sport, political news, beauty, health and so on.

We looked for the best WordPress magazine themes for 2017

So, at this point, creating your own online magazine or newspaper seems to be a legit and great idea. For this, you will need a good foundation for your website and WordPress is definitely the right platform. The next step would be to make your website look good and be functional, so choose from our list of WordPress magazine themes.
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Meet Indigo ‚ÄĒ Our New & Modern Magazine Theme

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We’re very excited to share the new magazine theme we’ve been working on recently.

Inspired by the most minimalist trends ‚Äď and what our customers have been after ‚Äď we’ve created¬†Indigo, a magazine¬†WordPress theme ready to power your digital presence.

Indigo is a modern and easy-to-use WordPress theme tailored especially for online magazines and blogs. The clean and practical layout enhances your content and turns your website into a daring and very functional online platform.

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