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Photoria: Free Portfolio Theme from WPZOOM

Written by on February 16, 2011 in WPZOOM 43

It’s been a while since we last released a free theme, so we wanted our new free theme to be a special one, equipped with enough “premium”-like features.

Photoria Theme


At a closer look you’ll realize that, yet simple, this theme is great for a Portfolio showcasing works of a photographer or designer. Even if this theme is a “free” one, we didn’t hesitate to integrate a great Featured Posts Slider on the homepage of the theme, great for highlighting your greatest works.

Great layout for your portfolio

Great layout for your portfolio

Besides the above described “visual” features this theme has, it is also enhanced with our WPZOOM Options Panel, which allows you very quickly and easy to configure any option of this theme.

Enhanced by WPZOOM Options Panel

Enhanced by WPZOOM Options Panel

    Theme Features:
  • Featured Slider
  • Custom Widgets: Flickr Gallery, Social Profiles, Featured Posts
  • Widgetized Sidebar & Footer
  • Custom Post & Page Templates
  • Download theme

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  • Another free gift thanks guys

  • awesome free theme! Nice job pavel :)

  • I cant get the pictures in the slide :(

  • dont know how to access the slideshow thingy.. how can i put images in the slideshow?

  • got it.. because i dont have tags yet.. i must set the featured content(featured slider) to category :D

    • Hello,
      I use Photoria, it is a free version. So no extra support given.
      I have tried for a hour to get the slide to work.

      Can any one explain step by step?

    • can you show me how to step by step how to get the slider to work? I cannot find any menu to setup the slide show.

  • Hey, please go to the support forum with such question.

  • the support forum only to paying members, while the subject is free

    • I can’t work out how to add/operate the slider either and I can’t find the presales thread. Please help! Thanks :)

  • THE Porfolio THEME.


  • I just discovered this theme and can’t wait to try it! It looks promising!

  • This is AWESOME – Thank you so much for making it available. I am using it for my online portfolio!

  • Seems I am having the same issues as others. How to upload pictures to the slider. Any advice besides paying for support?

  • not working slidebar ?

  • nice and simple theme
    thank you

  • great work,
    will try to use it on our new project

  • I love the theme! Thanks for your hard work!
    I am just confused as to how I am supposed to activate this header. Can anyone help me?

  • Also having problems getting large images showing up on the slider. Have featured tags set and the posts are tagged. No luck – and I’m 2 hours plus into trying to figure this out. Using the free version so there is no support and no documentation. Theme looks great but haven’t been able to make to work as show in the demo.

  • Can you actually change the word PHOTORIA? if yes, how?


  • You have to tag the posts with the word featured. Tags section is on the right hand side of the new post page

  • Nothing work, i tried using tags, NOTHING, i tried categories, NOTHING, i know it’s free and everything but that’s sucks big time, i have like 2 days looking all over Google, and everyone else is having the same problem with 0 results.

    • What is the URL of your website? Did you added at least 2 posts in your slideshow?

  • Here is what I did to get the slideshow to work (after trying EVERYTHING…for many hours something actually did it!)

    -Make sure your on Homepage Options you have the Featured Content: dropdown set to Category and Featured Content Slug to “featured”
    -I had 3 posts, not sure if this matters, but worked for me.
    -In your posts, change category of all the ones you want in the slideshow to “featured”
    -include the word “featured” in your tags (again not sure if this matters, but worked for me…)
    -include the word “featured” in your Slugs (again …it worked for me)\
    Good luck

  • Thank you guys for this wonderful theme! You’re doing such a great job! I also had problems trying to set up a slideshow. It’s not very hard to do. Did the same things as Travis wrote before.Uploaded pictures as featured, used featured tags and categories, added at list 3 featured posts and everything works great!

  • I tried the slideshow with 1 image and it didn’t work, but when I put the second one they appeared.
    Awesome theme!

  • Any ideas on how to create a “portfolio” page?

  • hey how do you change the color of the slider? i mean like what John did on his website instead of the default blue it is gray on the slider and on the thumbnail it is green? did i make sense. TIA

  • Does anyone know if the photoria template allows you to display posts in ‘alphabetical order’, rather than by ‘post date’?

  • Hi,

    do you know how to change the name PHOTORIA written in the main page? thanks!

    • the “photoria” logo is an image you can swap out in Theme Options > general settings > logo image URL
      If you’ve uploaded a logo as image to media library, then click on that image and copy/paste url from address bar.
      if there is an easier way, I couldn’t find it short of custom css and Background editing (for logo div or whatever).
      Aside from the enigmatic slider issue (good goin guys!), most everything else can be found by just clikkin around.
      I know I’ll be divin into the child theme sooner or later, but for “free” this is a good one (once you figger out the slider !!!)

  • Hi, does anyone know how to add a text to home page after the slider or the posts ??? I need to display some text which can give a slight idea about my business on my home page. Can anyone help me ?

  • My site was working fine. Have plenty of slider pics, using category. I updated wordpress and now the slider wont slide. Only shows the first photo, or should I say the latest photo. I’ve changed nothing. When I try to view the next photo, it just stays there. Actually goes to
    Any help, greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Harry,
      Please download the latest version of the theme, it should fix the problem.

      • @Pavel
        Thank you very much for such a quick response and thank you very much for such a simple and awesome theme.
        I spend hours trying to find something this simple with no luck. This is by far the best out there for the simple layout and friendly user interface that has a lot of power compared to other “free” themes. It’s powerful, quick and easy. What I needed for this application.

        Downloading and using the new version is the first thing I did. Only through experience have I learned if there is a conflict from a WP Update to go look for the updated version of the theme.

        Nothing worked. Spent hours, got tired, did stupid stuff, made it worse, then began ending the late evening with questions and posts.

        My fix?
        Had to replace the wp-includes/js/jquery.js with an earlier version, 1.8.0.
        Worked like a charm. Took less then five minutes. I don’t know what the issue actually is, but it happened with the WP Update, I am pretty sure.
        The guy who gave me the answer had the SAME exact problem.

        Again, thank you for such a speedy answer.
        Happy Holidays!!

  • It worked like magic

  • The Slider doesn´t work.

    What can I Do? I´´m a total Newbie in WP. Can Anyone Help me step by step?

    Thanks ;-)