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How to Update a WPZOOM theme

When a new version of your theme is available you will see a yellow notice at the top in your WordPress Dashboard. You can “check out what’s new” so visit the changelog and see what has been modified in the new version.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.15.29

We recommend you to keep always your theme updated, to ensure that it is fully compatible with latest WordPress version available and has the latest features.

Backup your current theme before updating to a newer version

Before updating we recommend you create a backup your current theme to ensure you do not lose any modifications or customizations. Install the WP Clone Template or Export Plugins and Templates plugin and under “Appearance”, select “Export”. Choose you theme and press “Export”. You will now have a zipped file saved to your computer containing your theme.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.19.31

If you want to update your theme to a newer version, follow these steps:

1. Find out which version you have currently installed

You can find your theme version by looking in the WPZOOMTheme Options:


2. Download latest version

Login to your member dashboard and download latest version of your theme.
Optionally you can verify the changelog to see what files were modified.

3. Uploading the new version

The easiest way to update your theme is to upload it via the WP Dashboard under AppearanceThemesInstall ThemesUpload.

But because you already have a theme folder on your server with the same name as the folder inside your ZIP file of updated theme, most likely you will get the following error:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.42.35

To avoid this error you have several choices:

a) Delete your current theme

No customizations or changes made to Widgets, Menus, Customizer (Fonts, Colors, Logo, etc.) will be affected when deleting your current theme and installing the new version manually. Make sure to backup only changes you made directly in theme files.

1. In order to be able to delete a theme, you have to deactivate it first, because you can’t delete a theme if it’s active.
2. Activate a different theme (e.g. Twenty Sixteen) and delete the old version of the theme you want to update.
3. Now you can go to Add New and install the new version of the theme.

b) Rename your current theme folder via FTP

1. Using a FTP client like FileZilla, log in to your site via FTP.
2. Go to the folder wp-content/themes/ and rename your current theme folder (e.g. prime) to something else (e.g. prime-old), without adding any spaces in the folder name.
3. Now you can go back to WP Dashboard and install the updated version the theme.

c) Manually update only modified files

1. If your theme was previously modified or customized, you can update manually only files that were modified in newer versions than yours.
2. Look in the changelog of your theme to see which files were modified or added and replace them via FTP.

The theme looks broken?
Sometimes, after a major update it’s possible that your theme to look broken or some elements may be misaligned. You can fix this easily by clearing your browser cache or do a hard refresh in the tab with your website in your browser (CMD+Shift+R on Mac in Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows in Chrome). View more instructions here and here.

What if my theme was modified?

  • Update via FTP only modified files that are listed in the changelog
  • If you don’t remember what modifications you did in your theme, just compare files from your current theme folder with the new version using a tool like WinMerge (Windows) or DiffFork (Mac)
Important Notice:
Don’t forget to backup “custom.css” file and /languages/ folder if you added any custom stylesheets in your theme or translated your theme in a different language.
I have updated the theme but the yellow bar still shows in dashboard
The theme version is contained in the style.css file, so even if this file wasn’t listed as modified in the changelog, you still have to update it or manually change version, editing the file via Theme Editor.
Last updated on April 22, 2017
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